2021 New Year’s Re-Solutions!

New Year’s Resolutions and Message – 2021

Hello Hygienic Helpful Happy? Humans!

A Happy Christmas and Merry New Year from Adelaide where I have been for the past 10 months and the longest time to be in Adelaide for 20 years!

Looking back at my 2020 new year conclusions I didn’t have in there: a global pandemic nor a loss of job, end of a beautiful relationship, living back in Australia, getting a new wonderful job and every other unexpected thing for the year – what does that teach us? *DON’T MAKE PLANS OR HAVE EXPECTATIONS!* 😉 I do love a plan but 2020 taught us it is only a plan and our response is more important than the plan!

Despite unexpected change and thanks to lots of online gigs I did manage 156 presentations to 9166 folks on Teaspoons of Change / global citizenship / tiny houses / sustainability and anything people were keen or forced to listen to! 🙂 I’m proud that in the past 10-11 years I’ve managed 1622 presentations to 141,026 people and the reason I’m proud is I wanted to try and make a difference in the world since 2001 and this is what I’ve decided to do and keep track of it – did I make any difference? Who knows, but I’ve tried and that is better than nothing!

Image of 2020 – ZOOM!!!

Personally, it’s been the hardest emotional year of my life… Ending a relationship, kinda maintaining it and then finally closing it out – and still on that pathway. It is my first time to feel and process that kind of pain and when it subsides I will have another life experience under my belt that no country could give me. Serafina and I will forever be friends and care for each other in the background but we weren’t able to feel settled in either of our situations so we did what was best for each other – big thanks Fina for making things work for as long as they did! 

I’m still in love with humanity, keen for a new beginning in 2021 and determined to keep loving waking up on Mondays as I shared in a TEDx talk last year

I’m also in love with my job as Group Head of Sustainability and Global Citizenship with the Dulwich / Dehong Group of Schools with 10,000 students and 2400+ staff. I like being a slightly unusual suspect in their line up but kudos they have someone like me working with them for real change in sustainability and global citizenship!

See below for my scorecard of 2020 New Year Conclusions and some weird and wonderful Re-Solutions for 2021! 😊

What 2021 MIGHT have in stall for me…

  • I’ve been working remotely in South Australia since August and at this moment in time I am due to fly to Singapore on 18 Jan and then Shanghai 25 Jan to be based there (for a while!)
    • I’m so ready to be working with real humans and especially students and keen to be a foreigner once again! 
  • And that is about it! Usually there would be 19+ other countries and plans but I’m going for depth over breadth in the coming year and working with my Dulwich family! 

Big hugs and best well wishes to you all as we reset for this stack of 365 and if, by any chance, you get to Shanghai – please get in touch and come say hi!!!

‘We can all have everything we want in the world as long as we don’t want everything’ (one from me). All the best in your new outlook in the world xxx


New Year’s Re-Solutions 2021 and review of 2020!

For 2021…

  • Change my ring tone each year with the song I’m into at that time (switch from Hang Massive to Mos Def to now didgeridoo hip-hop!
  • Spend at least 30 mins playing my new didg once a week
  • Try something Chinese and new since I will be living there – language, cooking, hip-hop dance, indoor sport in winter, maybe a tai chi or chi-gong or some Taoist pursuit…? Suggestions…
  • Repeat – At 4pm each day pause for four DEEP breathes and connect with everything and nothing!
  • Repeat – Never been big on flossing so i will make sure I floss on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, at least!
  • Try to catch at least 10 DIFFERENT leaves falling from trees throughout the year 
  • Find a sheep-shaped cloud – failed it a couple years ago but still believe I can see one! 
  • My favourite colour for 2021 will be purple! Just like my tiny house in New Zealand 
  • Repeat – Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 9th year in a row
  • Repeat – Meet someone from Angola!
  • Repeat – Leave voice messages for my friend’s children’s birthdays – Love doing this – add your kid to the list if you want a message from me to them (and I have your WhatsApp!)

Add plenty of Teaspoons of Change around Dulwich and my other interactions 😊

Need some practice but almost got circular breathing down… 2 weeks quarantine in China will take me forwards!

The resolution results from 2020…

At 4pm each day pause for at least three DEEP breathes and appreciate the humility and importance of oxygen and our bodies to utilise it 😊 Mostly and loved doing this. To be continued in 2021! Also strive for 365 days of meditation in a row…
Never been big on flossing so i will make sure I floss on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, at least!So good, even got those bottle brush ones now!
Try to catch at least 15 DIFFERENT leaves falling from trees throughout the year – loved this one so much in 2019Only got to 9 being stuck in only one country and one autumn!!
Only ONE serving of ice cream a month – as I get closer to ending my diary connection!Mostly. Aug I might have bought a box of 6 ice creams having one a day 😉 
Find a bird-shaped cloud – I’ll be looking into the sky a lot this year! My friend found a wonderful one and me an ok one – going back to sheep in 2021
Make a donation for myself and Noa to good people and organisations on the 29th of each month – you can do it too! I’m set to give my biggest donations ever this year – exciting!!!Nailed it. So good to have some extra income to pay decent taxes and the most donations I’ve ever given!!!
Memorise all the countries starting with W (2 – Wales and Western Sahara [not UN states but good enough]) and Y (1 – Yemen) and Z (2 – Zambia and Zimbabwe)Kinda, over this one and retiring the memorisation of countries in 2021 – I made it to z anyway!!!
At least 20 chin ups per week – I like trying to find something above my head to hold my weight everywhere I go Yep! Conscious of this and loved it. Need to keen that sinew strong!!!
My favourite colour for 2020 will again be lime! I forgot about it most of the year in 2019Love lime and was a good fav colour – thanks lime!!
Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 8th year in a rowJust gets easier and not only water but any kind of drink – juice, soda, etc!
Meet someone from Angola!Nup, fail roll over to 2021 – hook me up!
Buy Nothing New Month once again in OctoberMostly. Forgot about it but still love it
Leave voice messages for my friend’s children’s birthdays – I was getting slack with postcards!So good! Love doing this and want more kids to leave messages… 
NEW – Run a half marathon once a monthI accidentally did this and then a full marathon in May for my b’day!
From my friend Perrin and her walk through the US!!! Good one eh! Can’t find mine 😉
42kms on 42nd birthday and asked for $42 donations 🙂

Also I’m pulling back on social media this year as I don’t have to be on there as much with Teaspoons of Change and having been on there a lot in the past 10 years and also living in China with restrictions helps as well… I’m not going to add to the Instagram account called darcy_living_geo and instead will put some pics up and descriptions on a WhatsApp Living Geography group if anyone wants to join in… Think, interesting strange things in China and cultural gems… (+61428416765)

2020 in 49 pics… 🙂

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What a week of learning…

In comparison to any previous tests, assignments or preparation for presentations, this week was a week of learning like no other I’ve ever had.

The big difference was this wasn’t a test, assignment or presentation it was separating from my partner, Serafina, and clearing the connected energy and attachments that come from being in daily communication for 5 years!

It’s almost like we have been practicing this separation for 5 years since I was always in and out of the country and never fully committed to ‘settling down’ in the same place and to live with each other as partners, sharing intimate daily life together and all the illusions, challenges and beauty that comes with that. But we made it work over time by recreating ourselves, giving our connection new definitions and staying true to our bond and not the social expectations or constructs around us. We did a very good job of this, till COVID…

Initially COVID for me meant I was cornered with no where to go, my overseas work disappeared and I was left with the prospects of living in Adelaide with Serafina which should have meant jubilation as we might have hoped as a couple and wanting to share life together without overseas interruptions. As it turns out COVID was the ultimate test of commitment, comfort and seeing if both our needs could be met. My response was to buy flights to Aotearoa New Zealand and that made it clear that I preferred to keep on the perpetual move and enjoyed our connection in a sometimes here, sometimes not, fashion. On the other hand Serafina knew she wanted to be with someone who DID want to be with her and her son, through thick and thin and she could demand that as she had carried us for the previous 4+ years to that point.

So the difficult talk and decision in March was to separate and remain friends which felt pretty good to us both, and we weren’t going to just be friends, but best friends…

From March to November we were probably the most relaxed, connected and satisfied in our relationship, ever – at least I was. I lived in my tiny house 45km away, we caught up weekly, we spoke or messaged each day and for me at least, I had the best of both worlds while waiting to go overseas for my job sometime in August. August came and went and so did Sept, Oct and then Nov with no overseas movements with my job in China. While the arrangement of best friends was convenient for me while waiting to go overseas it was holding Serafina back from living her full life which is here in Adelaide with her son and doing wonderful things with Cycle Adelaide South Australia 😊 (check it out!).

So another crux had to be reached – we had to separate from our best friend arrangement and actually bite the separation bullet of being free independent individuals in the world…

Things started hard and well. I moved my stuff out of the apartment in Adelaide, I cycled to Jamestown to ‘escape’ and I cried and made sure to feel all the feels. Throughout the entire 5 years Serafina and I have built incredible communication, mutual respect, openness and unconditional love for each other with a keen eye on trying to have equal power and share in our connection. So, in the first three weeks of our most recent separation, again we spoke often, supported each other, confided in our pain, suffering, jubilation and separation journey. However, this only continued to keep us connected and maybe even more strongly than pre-separation. Then last Sunday (7 days ago) we decided to take the ideas of the South Australia Government approach to COVID and put in place a circuit breaker where we wouldn’t communicate with each other for a week and truly separate our deep co-existence – mostly now at a communication and emotional level, and aim to be back in the world as individuals, while always maintaining our respect and friendship.

The past 6 days has been the toughest and deepest week of learning in my life. I haven’t known an experience where I’ve had to untangle so much energy and habitual connections with someone, to be fair this is my longest relationship in 42 years and 4 years longer than any previous relationship!

But what has happened in this week is a search for learning, new ideas, new ways of being, new perspectives, new emotions, new solutions and a dissolving a bunch of life that is lodged hard and deep!

Without getting too spiritual, although I can in person if people want it, I had to discover and adventure into my sense of being and play around with it. It was difficult work moving towards resolving challenges, feelings, thoughts and experiences at a scale that I’ve never faced before.

The result is – I don’t know yet, still a work in progress but I do know I have new empathy for break ups, grieving, pain, emotional discomfort and what people might call hard times, having avoided these things pretty well in my life to date.

In reflection from this week I am walking away with a lot of learning, not solutions, not outcomes or a how to get over break ups list as I wish I could but it is more of an acknowledgement of the difficulty in separation and the journey to moving through it.

I was 100% satisfied being single before meeting Serafina and it took at least a year to be convinced to not want to remain single so to get back to that point of being satisfied in myself is a new challenge and something that was so simple and fulfilling in the past, but I’m up for it.

Most of all out of this week of learning is the bigger meta-narrative that I love. That big picture is of Serafina and I being brave, acting and working towards something that can’t be found in our connection and to give ourselves the opportunity, with all the pain that comes with it, to go and pursue something else! If it means we met someone else – that is wonderful; if it means we are satisfied in our own company – fabulous; or if it means we reconnect down the path again – then that is what will be. But for now we are giving ourselves the best opportunity for the best in life and that is grounding and something I’ve always done and ensure each day is a day to pinch our skin and say ‘it’s a great day to be alive to live to the fullest’.

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2020 New Year’s Conclusions!

New Year’s Resolutions & Message – 2020

Greetings People, Planet and Porcupines!

A Happy Christmas and Merry New Year / Decade from Aotearoa New Zealand once again (before heading to China to kickstart 2020 with more global citizenship, sustainability and positive change)! 


talking with students

2019 was a grand buzz with the most presentations and engagements I’ve ever had in a calendar year – 277 to 23,346 people in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. It is also now 10 years of working in global citizenship education which has grown to 1260 engagements to 116,334 people. I bring this up because in 2001 when I decided I would try to make a difference to injustice in the world this is exactly what I had imagined – or something like it. I love having a purpose and waking up on Mondays and that is a mixture of privilege and passion. I always wondered what my line would be for “I thought I was only going to do this for a year and it’s now been 20 years!”


Personally, it’s been another year of wonderful growth along with the worthy challenges of sharing life with someone. It is beautiful to be connected with another human and quality experiences journeying with someone – thank you Serafina for us to remain intimately connected in person and across space and time (me being in other countries most of the time).


For 19 years now, I have had to say year on year: THANK YOU to the world for the continued hospitality and generosity that I receive. I love humanity but it comes down to people being willing to share their lot with me. So again, THANK YOU WORLD!

Some dot point to sum up 2019… 

  • 6 months working with JUMP! Foundation and the incredible people who work there and lead by a good friend and inspirationalist, Justin Bedard.
  • I spent a whole winter in Australia and dabbled with SDG engagement in business through the Future Business Council and others. Lots of learning and great chats with wonderful people doing wonderful things like SEVENTEENx, WunderTraining & BCSDA (Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia)
  • Since September I’ve visited 8 of the 12 Dulwich International Colleges in China and SE Asia. I feel very lucky & joyous to be spending 1-2 weeks in each of their schools to share Teaspoons of Change and enhance global citizenship and sustainability

See below for my scorecard of 2019 New Year Inclusions and some weird and wonderful conclusions for 2020! 😊

2020 is looking promising once again for global citizenship engagement and adding as many Teaspoons of Change I can to this wonderful planet and the people on it… Specifically I’m looking forward to:

  • I’m planning a mostly walking journey in summer in Europe this year. I’ve been stuck in the 90’s for the number of countries I’ve been to (93) for a while now so this year I do aim to reach 100 countries and do around 1000km of walking from Bucharest to Budapest to Bratislava and a few side trips
  • The development of a Global Citizenship Collective with other global citizenship educators 
  • August onwards I have no idea what I am doing but love not knowing and see what jigsaw will appear from here! 

IMG-20191230-WA0056.jpgBig hugs and best well wishes to you all for a healthy, happy, purposeful 2020 & decade ahead – I hope to see you in the next 3653 days!

Many hugs, loads of peace and good vibes to us all!


New Year’s Conclusions 2020 and review of 2019!

For 2020…

  • At 4pm each day pause for at least three DEEP breathes and appreciate the humility and importance of oxygen and our bodies to utilise it – I’m getting way better at meditation these days thanks to Insight Time (& Serafina) 😊 
  • Never been big on flossing so I will make sure I floss on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, at least!
  • Try to catch at least 15 DIFFERENT leaves falling from trees throughout the year – loved this one so much in 2019
  • Only ONE serving of ice cream a month – as I get closer to ending my diary connection!
  • Find a bird-shaped cloud – I’ll be looking into the sky a lot this year! 
  • Make a donation for myself and Noa to good people and organisations on the 29th of each month – you can do it too! I’m set to give my biggest donations ever this year – exciting!!!
  • Memorise all the countries starting with W (2 – Wales and Western Sahara [not UN states but good enough]) and Y (1 – Yemen) and Z (2 – Zambia and Zimbabwe)
  • At least 20 chin ups per week – I like trying to find something above my head to hold my weight everywhere I go 
  • My favourite colour for 2020 will again be lime! I forgot about it most of the year in 2019
  • Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 8th year in a row
  • Meet someone from Angola!
  • Buy Nothing New Month once again in October
  • Leave voice messages for my friend’s children’s birthdays – I was getting slack with postcards!

Think and act on as many Teaspoons of Change as I can each day!!!


My first leaf catch for 2020!!! 🙂 

The resolution results from 2019…

Try to catch at least 10 different leaves falling off different trees  Actually got 14 in the end
Find an Australian-shaped cloud  Nup too hard, bad choice 😉
One serving of ice cream a month Not bad but Xmas fail
Continue to not buy a single bottle of drink in a plastic bottled All good 7th year in a row!
Learnt to count to 10 in Arabic Nup, didn’t look at this once ;( 
Make a donation on 29th of each month with Noa Loved it and so did Noa!
Memorise all the countries starting with U & V Nup, didn’t list them & learn
20 chin-ups per week Yep, doesn’t show but love it
My favourite colour for 2019 – lime! Forgot it and revisit in 2020
Meet someone from Turkmenistan  Sort of, a teacher of 6 years there
Leave voice messages for friends kids for birthdays  Love doing this
Buy Nothing New Month once again in October Completely failed must do better!

If you want to keep up with my movements throughout the year follow this doc. I also have an Instagram account called darcy_living_geo if you want to keep up visually with my movements around the globe…

2019 by possible date and place *note all written in pencil and subject to (frequent) change:

Tue 7 Jan – Fri 14 Feb China & SE Asia Dulwich College – Shanghai, Yangon, Pudong
Sat 15 Feb – Wed 11 Mar Australia Teaspoons of Change
Thur 12 Mar – Fri 24 Apr China & SE Asia EARCOS Bangkok, Dulwich Colleges – Beijing, Xi’an, Suzhou
Sat 25 Apr – Sat 23 May Australia Teaspoons of Change
Sun 24 May – Fri 12 Jun China & SE Asia DC – Seoul; DCI – Singapore / Shanghai
Sat 13 Jun… Anywhere Anything

See where the crystal ball really sends me!!!


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100,000 Global Citizens Creating Positive Change?

After 9 years of working in aid and development across 50+ countries I got sick of returning to my home country and blaming others, telling them what they should do (while being ignored) and feeling frustrated and mostly helpless. In 2009 I change my approach and cycled 4000km around Aotearoa New Zealand giving presentations on how our small but personal actions can have a positive impact on people and the plant.


Not long after my bike ride I met an organisation just launching in Australia called the Global Poverty Project (now Global Citizen based in NYC) and found they were doing something similar to me and not just one idiot on a bike! I teamed up with them and created a youth and school program (since I am a qualified teacher) and delivered over 300 presentations in two years to schools around Australia to ask what is a global citizen and what it might mean to be an active and effective one. There were many great responses and lots of actions taken by inspired students.

Yr9s listening hard

In 2012 I changed gears to combine my advocacy work with my aid and development background to work on polio eradication. In the following three years I created and supported campaigns working towards the global eradication of polio. The polio story shows if we coordinated and collaborate our actions big impacts can result. During this time, I worked with UNICEF, Gates Foundation, WHO and many others, both in low income countries listening and learning and high income countries advocating for change including a win of $240m from the Canadian government for polio eradication.

Toronto pres close upOn the back of this work, in 2014 I walked 1000km in Japan and created a concept to quantify and qualify the small but significant things we can do as individuals to work towards the MDGs and a better planet for all. I called it Teaspoons of Change. I then cycled another 1500km to really think about all the personal, small but significant, ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Since 2009 with Global Citizen, The End of Polio, Teaspoons of Change and other global justice avenues, I hit 1000 presentations and workshops a few weeks ago, and just this last week, to over 100,000 people. My objective is to connect with as many people as possible and for everyone to feel their actions matter and that they can make a difference at a personal level that connects with a global context – the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

I have a big focus on the entry level approach and engagement with the Global Goals in education, business and government so we can all connect and access this global framework to increase our connection and engagement with them. Then we can start to put our personal actions in a collective context and importantly build upon them to become more active and effective global citizens each day.

How many of the 100,000 people I’ve engaged with who have taken action, I can’t be sure but I do know not giving each and every presentation there is 0% chance something will happen. I also know I am not the epiphany to all of those people but at least a possible stepping stone for them to put in context the next opportunity they have to make positive impacts in the world…

Small actions x lots of people = big change

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2019 New Year Inclusions!

New Year’s Resolutions and Message – 2019

xmas 2018 nz

Hi Happy Humans for Prosperity and Purpose!

A happy Christmas from Aotearoa New Zealand and a very merry New Year from Adelaide, Australia! A couple of lovely weeks in NZ with Serafina and her family and back in Adelaide to gear up for the next set of 365!

2018 is happily over where I begrudgingly finished my Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan (better for it but definitely don’t need to go back for further academic study in the future) and gave Teaspoons of Change in South Australia a shot with some adaptations along the way…

Serafina and I have refined our connection on our terms and expectations rather than societies, and are beautifully connected whether in each other’s company or in other parts of the world!

Always love saying a big hello to the world who has nurtured, supported and given me generosity for the past 18 years across more than 90 countries – THANK YOU!!!

The world continues to be a wonderful place and I feel very lucky to be included in it, and in the way I’m allowed to do it each year!

Some dot point to sum up 2018…

  • 20180601_1218286 months in Japan completing the course work for my Master’s in Peace Studies – it was mostly uninspiring, lacking context and relevance but I created a report based on my thesis called Teaspoons of Peace – How and Why Teaspoons of Peace Work : in contexts, theory, and perceptions influencing a culture of positive peace… (小さな変化が積極
  • 的平和の文化に与える影響)



  • th school3The second half of the year was spent in Teaspoons of Change and giving presentations and creating new models for global citizenship education engagement including global citizen in residences and week-long engagements for schools to integrate global citizenship into who they are, not just what they do – find out more here!
  • 20180923_122511 (2)I went on a 1000km cycle in South Australia to promote the Global Goals and global citizenship which took me 1400km of cycling!! Wonderful to engage with rural South Australia once again having been born and brought up in country SA. Blog post here!
  • Most recently I’ve brought Teaspoons of Change into the brilliant JUMP! Foundation to try and replicate some models and expand the reach of global citizenship education in collaboration with this brilliant youth engagement not-for-profit social enterprise as the Global Citizenship Director – exciting for the year ahead!
  • In 2018 I was also fortunate to give 166 Teaspoons of Change presentations and workshops to 15,605 people in the calendar year across the globe with a grand total since 2009 of 983 presentations to 92,988 people


See below for my scorecard of 2018 New Year Evolutions and some weird and wonderful Inclusions for 2019!

2019 is a very exciting year ahead to add some great models and a buffet of global citizenship education with JUMP! and add as many Teaspoons of Change I can to this wonderful planet and the people on it!

Big hugs and best well wishes to you all for a healthy, happy, purposeful 2019!

Many Hugs



2018 by pictorial representation…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New Year’s Inclusions – 2019 and review of 2018!

For 2019…

  • Try to catch at least 10 DIFFERENT leaves falling from trees throughout the year
  • Only ONE serving of ice cream a month – as I get closer to ending my diary connection!
  • Find an Australian-shaped cloud – time to move on from sheep!
  • Make a donation to my favourite people and organisations on the 29th of each month supporting good people doing good things!!! (you can do it too!)
  • Learnt to count to 10 in Arabic
  • Memorise all the countries starting with U (7) and V (4)
  • At least 20 chin ups per week – not many but surprising the difference it feels J
  • My favourite colour for 2019 will be lime! Used to love it as a kid…
  • Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water – 7th year in a row
  • Meet someone from Turkmenistan and/or Niger!
  • Buy Nothing New Month once again in October
  • Leave voice messages for my friend’s children’s birthdays – I was getting slack with postcards!

Think and act on as many Teaspoons of Change as I can each day!!!

The resolution results from 2018…

Try to catch at least 10 leaves falling off a tree throughout the year Loved this so much!
Find a sheep-shaped cloud Sort of – see attached…
Give people low-5’s instead of hi-5’s Liked this one a lot!
Try and do 2-min meditations with Noa on Sunday mornings Nup, meditate when I need
Try to live with the least amount of hate, ever? (most amount of love!) Good intention, tough reality
Continue to not buy a single bottle of plastic bottled water All good 6th year in a row!
Memorise all the countries starting with T (12 – including Tibet) Lost a few in last months
10 push ups a day, + find a chin-up spot for a few times a week! Yep, chin ups are on!
My favourite colour for 2018 – black! Defn not my colour!
Meet someone from Niger – carried over from 2016 Still nup, need more effort
Write postcards to family and friend’s kids for birthdays Mostly, swap to voice msgs
Buy Nothing New Month once again in October Was great + during my ride

I also run a WhatsApp group called living geography with pics from around the world as I travel so send me a request if you are keen to join: +61 428 416 765

2019 by possible date and place *note all written in pencil and subject to (frequent) change:

Date Place What!
31 Dec – 15 Jan Adelaide, Australia JUMP! Foundation and Teaspoons of Change global citizenship education engagement J
15 -20 Jan Shanghai, China Leadership conference
20-24 Jan Abu Dhabi, UAE Global citizenship education
27 Jan – Sat 2 Feb Dubai, UAE Global citizenship education
2 – 8 Feb Amman, Jordan Teaspoons of Change and GCED support
9-16 Feb Dubai, UAE Global citizenship education
16 Feb – 17 Mar Shanghai, China Global citizen in residence for a month! J
20-23 Feb Shenzhen, China TEDx talk on the invisibility of change…
17 – 22 Mar Vientiane, Laos Global citizenship education
23 – 26 Mar Bangkok, Thailand Global citizenship education
27 Mar – 14 Apr Adelaide, Australia Teaspoons of Change
15 Apr onwards… Offers in Canada, China, Middle East, Australia, Jakarta…
May – Dec Anywhere Anything… See where the world takes things!

See where the crystal ball really sends me!!!

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A Day on The Bike – an Analogy for Promoting the Global Goals

The 102km journey I took today on a cycling trip to activate South Australia with the Global Goals today I think is a great analogy and comparison to working towards the success of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

ToC SA Cycle 1-image

Like a new campaigner or someone starting to realise they want to be a part of the solution and work towards a better world for people and the planet I took off with the wind behind me pushing me down the quite country road where everything was easy, exciting and a sense of significant progress. But then…

The first shower of the day came in making it cold, uncomfortable and wishing for better times. Many people get off their bike at this stage and say ‘not me, I’m not strong enough for this’ or hoping that change-making will remain fun, easy and that initial progress was achieved anyway.

As someone who has done a decent amount of bicycle touring (and social justice campaigning) I don’t mind the rain because at some stage in the future you know you will be dry! The significant breakthrough of making it through the rain and the first signs of challenge and uncomfortableness for working towards a better world, is that you have shown your own worth and know you can face a rain shower, or challenge again in the future. You’ve had the experience and it may suck when it happens again but you know you have survived it before.

Again the sun returned, I dried out and this wonderful tail wind on an empty smooth road continued reaching 50km is just two hours, while knowing it was going to be about 100km for the entire day! It’s important to rejoice in those moments, not fear the next challenge and remind yourself of why you do what you do and just how special it can all be.

Shower number two. It came up fast as I was looking at my map for next directions and I spied a water tank and small shed nearby and quick went for refuge. I still got wet but not as wet as if I’d been on the open road. It was about having the experience to look for something, take some kind of cover and be ready to get back on the bike after the worst had past. Campaigning and change-making benefits from experiences from challenges, just like cycling, challenges like the ridicule for caring, the non-believers in collaborative positive change, and the self-doubt in it all being worthwhile, as examples.

Following the rain was a wet road with lots of water spraying on the trailer and my back but no use in caring as this is bike trip, that’s what happens!

My research into routes suggested a dirt road alongside a state nature park and a chance to really be off the main roads and see something you may never see from a tarmac perspective. The dirt road was wet, bumpy and muddy and much slower than the previous 50km leading up to it. But soon I adjusted to the change in pace the bumps and avoiding the softer spots that would slow me down.

The muddy dirt road turned into a smooth track and the feeling was electric. You feel a pioneering spirit, the sense of adventure and proud that you’ve tried a path of more uncertainty and reaping the benefits. In the case today that trail turned into a path of soft sand, oh no, bad choice, I knew I should have taken the tarmac road! According to my map the sandy path should only be a km or two to a bigger looking line on the map so it is probably just this small section – optimism and hope!


The bigger track was an even bigger and softer sandy trail! The map said the next line on is a while away… I’m not a big fan of turning around and going a long way around so on we go hoping for better conditions sooner than later and it’s not like I am in the middle of the Great Victoria Desert, just a small sandy track in Western Victoria!

I tried a mix of intense tiring cycling on the harder soft bits and mostly pushing my bike through the softer soft bits. Again you learn to accept your predicament and know the only thing to get you through will be determination and lots of training and experience from the past. After nearly 2 hours and 10km of soft sand a hard dirt road appeared, and sooner than expected having got into the rhythm and acceptance of soft sand for as long as it would take.

The jubilation of being able to cycle back on a bumby dirt road – so good, so much progress, so satisfying! Change-making is designed to have to face challenges, like choosing an unknown cycling path, so when we roll up our sleeves with determination, acceptance and resolve to get through it and we are then better at the previous challenge level that seemed much harder before (muddy dirt road).

The dirt road turned back into tarmac and with no water left and no break for a long time a country pub appeared out of nowhere that had cold rain water, an outside picnic bench and people to share my story of conquer with!


In years of cycle touring and change-making I know it is the long game that counts. When the rain, the headwind or the soft sand comes it is time to dig in, become resolute and know it will be slower or harder progress. Without sticking at it we will never have the experiences of the tailwinds, downhill and smooth paths and if we are not on our bikes to begin with!

If you have started taking your first set of Teaspoons of Change, or been doing it for a short while, know there will be challenges and progress may feel invisible or stagnant, but if we are not doing anything then there is no chance for change.

I live by the idea that: small actions multiplied by lots of times is what creates big change, just like each rotation of the pedal, or step through soft sand.

Time for me to eat ridiculous amounts of food, because I can, and a satisfying sleep – the other benefits of cycling, and maybe change-making!


(Note: in the end I didn’t ration my food so well so was a light dinner saving enough to get to my destination the following day! However, a car of people who turned up to the campsite late shared with me some matches so I could start a fire to keep warm and gave me some of their leftover food – so as with the Global Goals we can all get there in the end if we work together!!!)

Pics of the camping spot at Bailey Rocks – beautiful eh!

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Birthday Count Up – with pics (2018)


Wow this was quite the process and I am glad I did when 40 and not 80. Such a beautiful time thinking back on the memories and people over the years – really amazing and I encourage anyone to do the same…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A little look back as I always like to do on this day but this time back as far as I can remember.

1978: 0. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide – being born

Don’t remember that one so much but from all accounts it was pretty traumatic for both myself and mum, almost killing us both at different stages. I have been told I was without oxygen for a long period of time (which probably explains a lot!)

1979: 1. Minlaton, South Australia – crawling about

Again no too many memories of this one… Fairly sure I was just being one and hanging out in Minlaton having just moved there from Mt Pleasant

1980: 2. Minlaton, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia – being 2

Not a big b’day for me but hope someone got cake

1981: 3. Minlaton, South Australia – preschool

Wasn’t a fan of preschool and was a bit of a mummy’s boy or to any of my sisters and brothers

1982: 4. Minlaton, South Australia – kindy

Again still no memories of birthdays just yet but remember being 4 and wanting to be 5 for the whole year

4th birthday and got a shirt from WA from my godfather!

 04 yo

1983: 5. Minlaton, South Australia – starting school

This one I do remember as I got a new bike (second hand bits and pieces bike dad made from old bikes) and it was bright yellow. Plus it was school time! A backpack with an Aussie flag on the back.

1984: 6. Kadina, northern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia – year 1

Change of town for me and think I scored pretty well on this birthday with a Star Wars backpack and ET blow up chair!

1985: 7. Kadina, South Australia – year 2

This one I remember as I was given a puppy by my sister and it got a bit sick the first night and then vomiting blood the next and died soon after but a nice thought… and my sister was into making me birthday cakes!

1986: 8. Kadina, South Australia – year 3

Classic with my best friend Travis Borlace and very heavily into football paraphernalia and the Woodville Warriors – who my brother played for…

1987: 9. Kadina, South Australia – year 4

I remember this one really clearly as Travis Borlace came back from Adelaide and I had been sent Halloween stuff from my oldest sister in the US the year before and so I had a Halloween themed birthday with Travis and homemade sausage rolls (my favourite food back then!)

 1988: 10. Kadina, South Australia – year 5

I had a party for this one as I was starting to try and impress the girls and got presents from girls for the first time like smelling rubbers (erasers) and trucks from the boys.

On my actual birthday day I remember having meat fritters and getting a slot car set but had to stop early because I was so excited and kept say geez which my mum thought was blasphemy and said if I said it again I would have to stop and in the excitement geez it was good – hence game over!

10 yo

Photo: footy awards night, a big deal & trophy!


1989: 11. Adelaide, South Australia – year 6

Made the big move to the city and pooled a bunch of friends together for a sleep-over and a football carnival the following day

1990: 12. Port Augusta, South Australia – year 7

First birthday away from home while on a football trip for the week. Was staying with a kangaroo shooter and on the afternoon of my birthday I managed to have a massive football injury where I turned my elbow inside out and break the growth pallet in the middle of the elbow – ouch. But my dad drove the 3 hours to pick me up and then take me back home that night with a broken elbow!

1991: 13. Adelaide, South Australia – high school and year 8

Now at high school and an al- boys catholic college… remembered not wanting to tell anyone it was my birthday for the torrent of punches I would receive for each year…

1992: 14. Adelaide, South Australia – year 9

With my two best friends at the Mongolia Grill – all you can eat. Being 14 and growing I remember eating a lot. First of many great b’day memories with my two best friends Tom and Andrew.

14 yo1993: 15. Adelaide, South Australia – senior school, year 10

Had a sleep over birthday party once again but setting off chlorine bombs and playing strip pool down to our jocks but only boys… seemed to make sense when you are 15

1994: 16. Adelaide, South Australia – year 11

Again another sleep-over just with Tom and Andrew watching toilet humour that they had given me for my birthday – Bottom and Bargearse


1995: 17. Adelaide, South Australia – year 12

Family dinner with a couple of brothers, a sister and my beautiful grandmother – I think I had Japanese ramen on the menu

1996: 18. Adelaide, South Australia – working at winery and vineyards

Cool small party with friends just after our high school graduation and just before I took off to Japan for 9 months.

1997: 19. Adelaide, South Australia – Flinders University 1st year

Now back in Australia and at university but not liking being back in my own country. Great birthday however with a family dinner and a few friends

1998: 20. Adelaide, South Australia – uni 2nd year

Still at uni, still hating it and just wanting to fly the nest but again a top birthday with many a drink at a pub with friends

1999: 21. Adelaide, South Australia – uni 3rd year

The big 21st Birthday Party… I think around 70 people at the Sacred Heart Middle School club rooms – bad taste theme and lots of safari suits!

21 yo

2000: 22. Mt Gambier, South Australia – uni 4th year and teaching practicum

Away on teaching practicum in the countryside – loving it and a great school day teaching Japanese to 5-year-olds and PE to 12-year-olds

2001: 23. London, England – supply teaching at primary schools

Finally out and about the world! Went to Lord’s cricket ground for the tour and was job hunting as I had newly arrived.

23 yo

Photo: leaving Australia that year to take off (forever!!!)

2002: 24. Pusan, South Korea – teaching English

Teaching English and with my Canadian girlfriend at the time who organised a surprise birthday for me at a traditional Korean bar with dong-dong ju (milky rice wine) and pajan (vegetable pancake) with loads of friends from Canada, Australia, Korea and elsewhere…

2003: 25. Nanporo, Hokkaido, Japan – English teacher

On the Japanese English Teacher program and teaching during the day and a wonderful dinner with my neighbours – Mr and Mrs Matsuda in the evening with incredible Japanese food, plus cards and gifts from my parents!

25 yo

Photo: Matsuda Sensei and b’day bonanza from Okusan!

26 yo2004: 26. Vancouver, Canada – teaching snowboarding and English to foreign students

What I remember of this birthday was great… out with my friend from Japan, Rich and some buddies and them basically forcing me to drink till I had a station pizza (vomit) sure I was kicking and fighting…

Photo: slight change of food from the year previous and looking like a beer hound with some weight on my face!



2005: 27. Todos Santos, Guatemala – working at volunteer program for gringos

Where I first started the trend of getting up for sunrise for my birthday. A great day where I took special medication that allowed me to keep my dysentery away for a day, drink alcohol and eat curry made by my mate Loz and shared with some lovely people visiting the town – Amity and Tom.

Photo: sunrise on a hill in the highlands of Guatemala; and b’day curry with Loz and Tom (who I still keep in touch with!)

2006: 28. Maceio, Brazil – teaching for an English tutor program for university students started by a couchsurfer and I, and teaching at public schools

Outside hanging out with my local friends and the family where I was staying – good food, good people and cashasa (the local fire water)!

28 yo

Photo: with Sergio and his family where I lived for 3 months in NE Brazil

2007: 29. Tumby Bay, South Australia – teaching my beloved year 3/4 class

Half way through the year of being a ‘real’ teacher and shared it with my wonderful students. Sunrise on the beach in Tumby, day at school and then headed up to Lock (town name) to have dinner and for a conference the following day. The kids tried so hard to make my day special, and it was… also got my bike covered in balloons and streamers!


2008: 30. Bonga, Ethiopia – teaching teachers at a teachers college (but mainly learning!)

An incredible day where I ran my first marathon. I came first, second and last – it was only me. Looking back on it I was a bit crazy and a huge challenge but it has certainly toughened my up for anything else in my future and let me understand how people have to be that resilient everyday… My incredible friends and family also raised $5000 to go to the local orphanage – amazing and life changing for so many kids in the community

2009: 31. Adelaide, South Australia – in between riding a bike around New Zealand, teaching in Aboriginal communities and starting with the Global Poverty Project

I did a 31km run from my sister’s house in McLaren Vale to Adelaide and thought this would be something I’d do every year – nup. Lovely birthday back with my family. Was also the start to a boys weekend with dad for the last time…

31 yo

2010: 32. Adelaide, South Australia – volunteering and presenting for the Global Poverty Project

A bit of a strange one this birthday as I was on the verge of hemorrhoidectomy, dad being quite sick and had just re-met an amazing woman who would become my longest girlfriend ever (to that point) but was also a great night of food and family at my sister Lulu’s house and vineyard

32 yo

2011: 33. Sydney, Australia – working for the Global Poverty Project and becoming a volunteer leader with Australian Volunteers International

I was at my brother’s house and breaking a month of Living Below the Line ($2 a day for all food and drink). Good sunset, custard and company!

33 yo

Photo: best custard ever!!!?


2012: 34. Quebec City and Montreal, Canada – leading The End of Polio campaign in Canada

A remarkable day of fortune, thunderstorms and smiles. A very early sunrise in Quebec City, 4.15am wake up!

Amazing thunderstorm and then torrential downpour so enjoyed my homemade custard in a bus shelter hiding from the rain. Then managed to stumble into a Rotary Club presentation and speaking on polio eradication!

Great place I am staying with a friend of a friend who cooked me an amazing salmon dinner, with Quebec beer, a walk around the area banging pots and pans (8pm protesting against the government for 75% increase in fees for students) and chocolate cake! Si bon!


2013: 35. Willunga, South Australia – home owner, biological provider and about to embark on the Stop the Transmission Of Polio program in Africa for 6 months

Started day with a run up Willunga Hill, a blog under a big beautiful gumtree – https://lunny06.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/34-to-35/ dinner at my sister’s place with wonderful vege and fish curries!


2014: 36. Aldinga, South Australia – tiny house number 2 and Teaspoons of Change

Highlight was the sunset with a Coopers Sparkling Ale over a typically beautiful evening in Willunga in the fulltime effort to build the second Happy, simply community house project! Hung out with my mum and enjoyed her cooking and company for dinner. I also made solemn resolutions to go for a 1000km walk in Japan to kick start a new idea called Teaspoons of Change. Wrote my blogin the evening with my Coopers beer: https://lunny06.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/privileged-and-passionate-in-my-35th-year/


2015: 37. Juba, South Sudan – beaten up by soldiers but still I love with humanity

Rooftop post sunrise on the UNICEF building with my rolex (chapatti with fried egg in it). Couldn’t get up before sunrise as the curfew they have of daylight hours only in South Sudan (for UN workers) and also around sunrise just a few days before I was walking near the president’s palace (unknowingly) and got beaten by some South Sudanese soldiers. This day was much calmer as I enjoyed my rolex, worked on communications for a polio-free South Sudan and felt gratitude towards a world that has let me interact with it in such a wonderful way… https://lunny06.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/nothing-special-but-always-special-37th-year-ahead/

2016: 38. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Teaspoons of Change presentation to 100’s, Flaming Lamborghinis and a very special woman…

This was an action-packed day in KL. At midnight in the first minutes of being 38 I was drinking Flaming Lamborghinis in a swish bar in Kuala Lumpur hip hop dancing and having present to hundreds of young global citizen enthusiasts in the day light hours previous. The day after this midnight start was also wonderful, not much movement out of the hotel room but every minute special and spent with a woman I was falling madly in love with…


2017: 39. Tokyo, Japan – Rotary Peace Fellow learning about peace and itching for the world

The sunrise in summer in Japan is early – 4.23am to be exact where I was in Mitaka, Tokyo. I didn’t get up for the sunrise but soon after at 5,30. I looked over the small Chofu airport had a can of pokari sweat and wrote about a challenging and rewarding 38th year of life – https://lunny06.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/38-a-year-like-no-other-but-what-year-ever-is-in-my-life It was written with one month of study to complete and then field work and research for the coming year. The day was a busy one with assignments and lectures but a wonderful one as my Serafina had complied a video of b’day messages from around the world…


2018: 40. Jakarta, Indonesia – JUMP! Foundation program but national holiday – sunny day for a walk + being dehydrated, sunburnt & exhausted

There were a number of plans in my head for this birthday, especially a marathon since that is what I did for my 30th b’day but the equator, running and a lack of training meant no marathon for me but the least I could do is a 40km walk and so I did! Sunrise next to cess-pool, otherwise known as a lake in Jakarta and watched a wonderful video Serafina prepared for me of the biggest hobo https://www.facebook.com/100008024268256/videos/2118051821805606/; then walk along busy highway for too long to get a series of annoying bus trips that are slow and wait to pick up people all the time to the city of Bogor. Hope to hike up a volcano so set out towards one and by the time I got to the base of it I had been hiking and sweating for too many hours and too buggered to go further up. It was a lovely day of urban hiking and lunch was in some bushes hidden from people as it was Ramadan. Eventually I made it back to Countrywood the overly luxurious accommodation where I took a swim in the pool and assessed my prodigious sunburn. Dehydrated, sunburnt, hungry and exhausted Rick I went for a dinner of noodles and tea-tarik (sweet milky tea). A quick chat with Fina and a very welcome bed to read b’day messages and fitful sleep of being exhausted – just the way I like it (except for the sunburn).

And a blog on how grateful I am to be 40… https://lunny06.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/40-years-a-whole-bunch-to-be-grateful-of


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40 Years – A Whole Bunch To Be Grateful Of

The idea that most popped into my head on my 40th b’day (while walking 40km in Indonesia and getting my arse sunburnt off – not literally my arse but certainly my face, neck and arms) was GRATITUDE (in capitals since I’m allowed to do that because I’m not in Uni anymore!).



Sorry, Gratitude…

My points of gratitude:

  • Health – being able to walk 40km at the age of 40 – just because I have good health to do so and somehow survived accidents, fatal health issues and good fortune that not everyone gets to make it to 40.
  • Travel / Privilege – I was in Indonesia for my 40th birthday just one of the more than 90 countries I’ve been privileged to visit in my life to date. That privilege is called luck and birth but I’m grateful for it.
  • Love – surrounded in it from my partner, Serafina, my family, soooo many colleagues, friends, acquaintances, students, audiences and almost everyone I come in contact with around the mission I’ve made for myself.
  • Purpose – how lucky to have found a purpose and consolidated it by now at 40. I love waking up every morning to pinch my skin and do exactly what I love to do each day: participate and learn from the world and do my best to have a positive influence on it for access and opportunity for everyone, everywhere.
  • Freedom – I absolutely have total freedom to do as I please, where I please and how I please (within some laws and rules of respect with Serafina and needing to make a little money every so often). I lacked some of that freedom while doing my Master’s so it is sweeter than before and Serafina and I have made a plan where I can travel but be back in Adelaide at least every 6 weeks – isn’t see ridiculously wonderful!
  • Participation – I’ve been playing a certain type of game – global citizenship / social justice / active citizenship – long enough now that I can really carve out a space for myself to be requested by schools and opportunities and engage in certain circles of influence and participation.
  • Life – I’ve been handed one of the best deals you can get in life in terms of privilege and I’m endlessly grateful that I get to live the way I like to live, that is nuts in a world where very few people have the same opportunity to do so.


As for my 30’s and in the past 10 years a lot has changed – I don’t feel like I should be something or doing something others expect of me, I live from my heart not my head. I’m comfortable in who I am and what I do, despite mostly a lack of mainstream acceptance. I’ve gradually been getting recognition for pretty much the same things I was doing in my 20s but now that it has been for 18 years and the numbers are bigger the recognition is stronger (note that I don’t think I deserve the recognition, but it is a bonus to have).

d'Arcy with Global Goals

With that kind of lead up to my 40s I’m really not sure what this decade will provide and circumstance will have a say in that but I could not be in a better more exciting position if I tried – I’ve just completed a Master’s in Peace Studies where I’m no longer accountable to anyone else, I have a dynamic and invigorating relationship with Serafina and a constantly growing one with her son, Noa and I have ultimate choice in what I do next knowing that the harder I throw myself at the world the more it tends to catch me.


In January thanks to Serafina and the work and support of others, my concept of Teaspoons of Change become a company. I’m not sure where it will go and what it will exactly do but lastly, I’m grateful to have something in the world that represents who I am, what I believe in and that can be used to contextualise and contribute small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

I have a lot to be grateful of on my 40th birthday and I know that gratitude will continue to extend into the future…

I’ve also just done a revamp of a count up of my birthdays each year which are often in different countries and usually include a sunrise. If you are interested check it out here: https://lunny06.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/birthday-count-up-with-pics-2018

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Walking & Riding for Teaspoons of Change & the Global Goals in 2018

Live Below the Line Lunny

It’s been a while to get on this blog but nice to be back here.

I’m off again ready for another trip! My last proper trip was back in 2014 when I walked 1000km and cycled 1500km in Japan to think about and launch the concept of Teaspoons of Change.

This next trip is going to be very special as I will be sharing with my co-pilot in life and organisation of Teaspoons of Change, Serafina! We won’t be technically living on $2 a day for this trip but we don’t live on much more than that anyway living in our Happy-simply 30m² apartment in Adelaide 🙂

This trip is 1000km, 17 Global Goals, 2 people, 0 emissions and LOTS of Teaspoons of Change!

I will be walking, Serafina riding, and going from Adelaide to Mt Gambier and back again in South Australia in September…

See more details…

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Teaspoons of peace that will last a lifetime

Blog put up on the Rotary Voices website on my recent experiences for my Applied Field Experience around the world looking at Teaspoons of Peace – https://www.facebook.com/teaspoonsofpeace

Rotary Voices

With peace makers from around the world at the International Institute on Peace Education conference in Innsbruck, Austria

By d’Arcy Lunn, 2016-18 Rotary Peace Fellow, International Christian University, Tokyo

Take visiting 15 countries over five months, then add in any number of training events, an internship, research, attending conferences and events, and meeting two Nobel Peace Laureates, and you get an amazing formula for gaining skills in peace building. The final and most important result of this equation, though, will be what I eventually do with it all. I have some ideas about that.

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