Airlines, Tigers and Nightmares – Oh MY! (or Nightmare Tiger Airline!)

I should be used to being bent-over by Tiger Airways but they find new and inventive ways to do it each time, once again I feel like my past haemorrhoids (named Tony [my bleeding haemorrhoids] are back to haunt me…

This one is a $25 fee for not having a printed form saying that there was an error in processing your web check-in which you weren’t sent and couldn’t print! I now get the privilege of being over an hour late as my flight is delayed, to reflect on this and write my Thursday-ly blog and rant. Tiger lesson learnt again.

I’m over it anyway as on my walk out to the airport (an hour stroll from the closest tram stop) I was reflecting on how much I am blessed and in love with life.

For the first time the words ‘you choose your own destiny’, really meant something to me. I’ve been doing this daily for the past 10 years and now realise that I am not ‘lucky’ with what I have done (except for being born into an situation where have the opportunity and choice to choose my destiny). Lucky doesn’t come from deliberate and conscious choices and decisions you make in your life, ie. choosing your own destiny!

While all of my food for the day did consist of a range of wasted food from bins or out of date products from various fridges, I do sometimes want to reflect on how ‘rich’ I feel with life certainly not financially (as a full-time volunteer for almost the past year) but in the quality of life I get to choose and destinies I achieve.

Happy living!


About lunny06

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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