Sunshiney Day – Sunshine Coast

I’m sure this is the reason why people say I should write a blog…

Today was just like most other days for me and as you will see my life is incredibly rich as a volunteer!

After a drenching ride home Wed night it was a 6am start to the morning ready to ride to the airport on National Ride to Work Day. Backpack sorted with hiking / presenting gear and off into the thick morning fog blanketing Melbourne.

Today’s ride to the airport was to fly to the Gold Coast where I was to do a Global Poverty project presentation at Griffith University. My route went via Coburg City Council to celebrate Ride to Work Day and pick up a scone, muffin, fruit juice and apple, happy free breakfast.

Rained all the way from there to the airport and completed my 25km journey from the den in less than an hour and half – why would you bother with any other form of transport.

Bike and bike trailer locked, wet gear changed and presenter clothes on to show I was a normal human being in society.

Check-in disaster… flight delayed from fog till after my lecture. Calls and sorrys to all involved and Insh’alla (Gods Will).

Walked round the airport so not to feel lazy and got a bit of work done. Airline issued me meal voucher and got two others from other passengers so stocked up on my day’s food plus was able to get some small gifts for possible future hosts.

Left-over lunch of food people were throwing away and kept my stockpile of sushi and vege wrap for the future.

Arrived Gold Coast, got hire car (naughty boy) and off to Sunshine Coast for presentation following day.

Skipping one day ahead… 6.50am interview on ABC Coast radio, beaut presentation at Sunshine Coast Grammar School and then an evening to discover the Sunshine Coast for the first time ever…

A wonderful mother of a student who helped organise the presentation at the school rang me after her work and suggested I could stay at a cottage on her farm with her family. So after a 2 hour walk along the crushing surf beaches and socially crushing shopping centres of the Sunshine Coast I met Alison, her daughter Hannah and son Patrick and followed them up to their property.

The little ‘cottage’ I was given for the night was a three bedroom wide verandah’ed house that over looked a couple of dams in their 120 acre property. Honestly I live the life of luxury being a volunteer.

A wonderful exchange of lives and stories and they left me to my own private cottage where I took an evening walk to see the silhouette of the ocean in the distance from the amazing vantage point of their property on top of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. After a seat in a very comfy arm chair on the verandah writing a thank you letter while listening to a plethora of insects and animals.

Finally off to sleep in a big soft double bed with mozzie net thinking about my gorgeous girlfriend and how some day we will be in this place together.

This is the life of a volunteer. Must dash as it is the 15th of the month and I must make jelly today as is the mandate of another New Year’s Resolution!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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  1. Rich Fleming says:

    Love it! Thanks bud.

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