Wednesday Night Walk

What a productive thing a walk can be…

Let’s put aside the fact that

– it is healthy

– you interact with the environment around you

– you have time to think about real matter instead of been given things to think about by an electronic box or screen

– and there are many others I’m sure…

After a 12-hour computer-sitting-in-front-of day my walk took me from the den bound for anywhere for 60 mins with a little podcast to keep me company for 20mins of it.

Minute 2 – spotted a great wicker chest with comfy seat as a lid and sandwich press out on hard rubbish. Hmmm remember for later…

Minute 9 – passed a scout hall after they had just finished for the evening…

Minute 10 – back to scout hall to speak with leader

Minutes 11 to 26 – awesome chat with Mat (Venturer), Debby (Venturer mum) and Chris (scout leader of the West Ivanhoe Scouts). Set up a meeting and Global Poverty Project presentation with them and potential for the whole district and beyond!

Minutes 27 to 40 – podcast of triple J Hack program talking about wide but shallow thinking instead of narrow and deep thinking because of the internet and social medias (definitely narrow and shallow with this blog!)

Minute 42 – my favourite bakery back entrance and a multitude of delights from marzipan croissants, to whole lemon tarts, to custard berliners and my favourite walnut and currant buns, all nicely packaged in a clean plastic bag in their green storage container, some may say bin, saving it before being wasted to landfill.

Minute 45 – consumed a few calories for my walk back towards home

Minute 51 – passed an awesome shop – Hungry Zac’s and thought about opening a bakery with accommodation called: bread and bed, who wouldn’t like waking up to the smell of hot freshly made bread (except my bakery would be leftovers from other bakeries). Random – I used to work in bakery in Japan for almost a year when I was 18.

Minute 62 – basket chest and sandwich press still there and awkwardly carried while juggling my bakery goods 

Minute 71 – back at den and unloaded goodies from my walk ready to share with anyone so I don’t eat 10 sweet buns and a whole lemon tart!

Folks all I can say is get out there and go for a walk… it’s the best program on TV!


About lunny06

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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1 Response to Wednesday Night Walk

  1. Rich Fleming says:

    Loving it 🙂

    Thanks for the Tart

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