Living left but always time for Squatter

I like to live on the left and I like to think radically left.

I get fascinated about words or documentaries that talk about dismantling the system, bringing down the corporations and radical theories of simplicity where less is more.

To my core I believe these things as I have experienced and lived them. People who live in poverty and communities in developing countries are some of the happiest I have seen because of these features. Their lives are full of human qualities like resilience, resourcefulness, interconnectivity, sharing and rich family and community living. At the same time they face the realities of sickness, hunger, hardship and no choice so I could never say the way of life in developing countries is the ‘best’ way.

My lesson learned and life choices have gradually taken me from this anti-everything cynicism to acceptance and to live with my own ethics. I usually keep my vegan, pro-pacifist, downsizing, anti-consumerism to myself these days and try to live with them in myself.

Since volunteering in Ethiopia I have lived out of backpack, then a bike-trailer, next a van and now finally a room! I live in my friend’s cement basement with one power-point that I turn off when I am not in. I have a bucket for washing and toilet. I use a toaster or gas burner for cooking and ride my bike or walk everywhere. I love it, I’m happy, I’m blessed. To me it is minimal but meaningful. It is not for everyone nor do expect everyone to live like this as I maybe once did.

Live your life the way you choose — mine is happy living in a cement bunker playing the Australasian Farming Game – Squatter with my friends!

Squatter - the Australian Farming Game!

Will have to share the living out of a bike-trailer and van someday eh…

PS Remember it is my favourite leftist holiday soon… 28 Nov – Buy Nothing Day!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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