What did you think about in your minute of silenced for Remembrance Day?

I started with I really needed to stand up and go to the toilet but then it progressed to why war? why conflict? why aggression? why anger? why resolve with these emotions and actions??? WHY?

I love life, people and nature. I don’t understand the above emotions and see them as a waste of time and energy and don’t believe they are ever the best or easiest way to resolve anything…

The best in the world always presents itself to me and I remain ignorant and disinterested to anything negative. This doesn’t mean I will in this happy bubble where everything is great all the time. I love having a mix of emotions but limit the angry/violent ones as much as possible. My reaction is usually to laugh… example:

I was blessed to be out in the bush outside of Alice Springs last week…

Waiting in the baking sun at a tourist spot (Simpson’s Gap) with 50c-size blisters on the base of both feet from walking 50km in plus 30 degree temperatures over two days I was looking for a lift back into Alice Springs. I watching people pass me in their empty cars.

I don’t expect everyone to pick up dodgy hitch-hikers but I think there is a difference when you see a hiker (a little sweaty and smelly…) but who you know is going the same way as you only 20km into town. As I saw the car park fill and empty with tourists for over an hour a young couple who went past in their empty rental car and pointing to the back gesturing there was no room – I think I might have got a little cheesed and maybe threw a rock at a post which I hit and split the rock in half…

Lesson learnt was I felt good about having a great throw with accuracy and splitting the rock and disappointed at the anger that drove it. I also learnt that if I had spent the hour throwing the odd rock enjoying myself I wouldn’t have been angry anyway… Crap example but whenever I think I might be getting angry I always find a way to spin it on its head and love and learn. More of that in the world wouldn’t be a bad thing…

Remember this Remembrance Day – ‘you can bomb the world into pieces but you can’t bomb it into peace…’ or ‘a piece of peace for you, a piece of peace for me, a piece of peace for every peaceful person that you see…’ Michael Franti – Spearhead.

Alice Springs rocks – full of homophobes and lesbians and that is just the cherry on the top. A very real place with nowhere to hide and full of experiences – great place and my favourite in Oz!

Beauty of a wet desert


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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