I like women with hairy armpits and legs…

When I see a woman with hairy armpits or legs I think of these things…

  • Why is there an expectation that women shave their armpits and legs?
  • Where did it come from? How did it catch on? Why does it continue?
  • It shows to me strength and empowerment and that they don’t give a stuff about what ‘society’ says they should do or be like
  • They are confident and comfortable with who they are
  • They are great role models for others, in particular younger girls to end the ridiculous expectation of shaving
  • If people think women didn’t shave under there arms they would smell – what does that say about men? Why don’t they shave to ‘take away the smell’?
  • It is a bold, brash and brave action
  • Power to you and wish I could make a similar statement with hair
  • The argument that ‘men have to shave their face’ doesn’t stand up – I’ve never greeted a women by kissing her underarm or leg feeling like someone ran sandpaper over my lips nor do I have stare at those parts of her body while talking to them
  • Is it why women are generally colder than men? More hair… more warmth…!
  • I hate shaving my face let along shaving another 20-30% of my skin surface
  • I know I wouldn’t shave if I was a woman – I live in a cave it would suit my profile!

Having said all of this I don’t deny women the choice of not shaving or that by shaving they are ‘wrong’ or not doing the right thing!

I just want women who don’t shave to not be thought of as dirty or feral or a hippy but revered for their strong and powerful choice not to shave.

Also hope this helps as a good excuse for women who forget or can’t be bothered shaving!

Happy Hairy Day to All!

Got no other photo that could suit this post...


About lunny06

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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2 Responses to I like women with hairy armpits and legs…

  1. Ally says:

    Nice one Lunny! A rare and wonderful read – thankyou from the women of the world 🙂

  2. Steve Pleasant says:

    I love women with hairy legs and armpits. If it wasn’t supposed to be there, it wouldn’t grow. I think it is incredibly sexy and have decided that I do not want a relationship with a woman unless she does not shave at all. Steve

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