I do what makes me happy…

I’m 1/3 selfish, 40% lucky, 50/50 passionate and completely bad at maths (let alone English as these blogs prove).

I’m happy when:

– I have to walk up a hill

– I find a half mouldy apple (other half is yummy!)

– I ride my bike in the rain

– I get to clean up and do other people’s dishes

– I meet new people and visit new places (travel)

Some people say I have ‘the glass-is-overflowing’ outlook on life. I think I agree as just having a glass is a bonus let alone water which is probably safe to drink in it!

I’m blessed and lucky to have a positive outlook on life. I don’t have major crises I have to solve (other than global poverty), I’m not on call for others, I don’t have major responsibilities and I get to choose the outcomes for my day almost daily.

I recognise and appreciate this but it is not all to do with luck… 

If I did the things other people think I should do to be happy I would:

– be married

– live in a nice house (with mortgage)

– have a well paid career (that I would have to do even if I didn’t enjoy it or wanted to travel)

– own a good car and other ‘important’ stuff

– have a couple of kids (because that’s what you do before you are 40).

This is what makes most other people happy and that is cool, I’m not here to judge and say you should all live carefree humble lives of simplicity. If that is what makes people happy then no dramas, I respect it.


If this isn’t the checklist that makes you happy (like me) and you have a less-conventional way of doing it then respect and accept it as different not wrong.

Sometimes we all think people should follow the common path because that is what makes us happy when that’s not necessarily true. If people are happy and do no harm then it shouldn’t matter they don’t own stuff, have ‘future security’, be in a relationship or have kids.

So I hope you all have an absolutely sensational day no matter how you manage to do it! I know the majority of my days are with the way I choose for me…

Ready for a walk up a hill


About lunny06

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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