I never feel uncomfortable when I have this for reflection

Ever wondered what the topic of development means? This is cultural exchange and capacity building at its best…

I find it difficult to not feel tip top and after quite an uncomfortable week stemming from my recent backside operation a good story came to mind which always makes me feel better. Hope you all feel more comfortable after reading this one as well.

Written in Bonga, Ethiopia 2008 where I was volunteering for a year. This is just one of a few yarns that might be worth re-spinning every so often.

Context: Endeshaw my awesome counterpart hadn’t been at the college for three days and was unusually quiet, here’s why…

‘My counterpart has had a boil for the past week and finally it got too much for him. He was going to see the American nurses in the town 30km from here but couldn’t get transport so returned back to the college. I offered to lance it for him. He was a little hesitant but agreed. The boil was right in his chode/perineum/gooch (the gap between your testicles and anus) and was the size of an egg and more like a hard boiled egg with so much pressure. It was your good old carbuncle with multiple heads but only one showing its white top.
I lanced it and slowly squeezed but nothing was coming so squeezed harder with Endeshaw hitting the roof. It was unbelievably painful for Endeshaw and then all of a sudden it erupted!!!! Liquid shot into the air in a stream clearing the bed and slightly unfortunately all over my arm and onto my face, including my lips. The smell made a skunk look like perfume but the experience of seeing it, amazing!!! After the initial eruption I just squeezed slowly emptying the egg with the most amount of puss I’ve ever seen.
Egg emptied we both felt satisfied and I went for a thorough wash, wishing I had at the very least worn gloves!!!

Also whilst on oozy liquids, anyone have Nan’s dandy custard recipe, a bit gross to ask that in the same email but I hanging out for decent custard, my attempts have been decent but not great. Also how long do I need to boil corn for, last night I gave it a good 30 mins but still a bit underdone.

Loads of love, doctor d’Arc’

(Note: amazing what Africa does to your mind when you are thinking about custard in the same email as a boil story… no wonder I was under 55kg! Got plenty more stories where this one came from but think I’ll leave the boil stories there)


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