Accidental Transvestite

I’m happily naive… it keeps things innocent, free, interesting and joyful. 

Not sure if it a case of good luck or being blissfully ignorant but I rarely second guess myself in situations. I don’t always go into things with my head in the air but most of the time I just assume everything is awesome.

A pretty good example of my naivety could include this little story from recent experience:

  • Recently I have been wearing a pair of girls three-quarter pants that seemed to fit well but did hug the calves a bit
  • I’d been wearing them for two weeks to work, meetings, training presenters and presentations to over 500 students – I’d come to like them quite quickly
  • Wasn’t till a friend of mine gracefully pointed out that they seemed a little wide in the hips and loose on my bum that they could possibly be women’s pants
  • Removing them that night I was given confirmation on the tag that read, in not small letters, ‘ladies’
  • A little disappointing as I saw them as light weight, fitting my waste and quite sporty!
  • Luckily my $8 spent on them at the op shop was not wasted as they went to my girlfriend who they fit just as well (bit scary when you can share clothes with your gf)
  • Looking back on a photo from a schools presentation it can be said that yes they are slightly girly and fairly obviously girls pants on a male body

girly pants with poverty message

  • Didn’t stop me from wearing them the following day to a presentation of 300!

This little situation does remind me of previous female fashion experiences where I have previously… – worn a Roxy beanie for over a month before I learnt it was a female snow and surf brand or the time I was wearing a cool retro shirt that was very tight on the shoulders, buttoned up the opposite way and have strange lines sown on the side at chest level – yep women shirt made known to me a good few months after wearing it often…

If I was to be known as a transvestite it would be by mistake but I’m still proud!

Hope your clothes fit you well this week and don’t be afraid to be naive it keeps things humble and light-hearted!


About lunny06

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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