Christmas viewed through the eyes of family…

I’m a fan of Christmas. Not really the over consumerism of needless gifts that are made from exploited labour in developing countries so we can use something once and then throw it away to landfill and perpetuate the cycle of 20% of the world’s population consuming 80% of the worlds resources while trashing the environment.

So getting on to why I do like Christmas – it is a time when people are the most human (aside from the consumerism bit).

It’s a great time for family, well my family. This year 35 of us are converging on my sister’s farm on the West Coast of SA, to spend time retelling the same old stories, making fun of each other, embarrassing one another with speed of wit that is reserved only for family.

Most of us take the pedal off what we are doing and focus back on what makes us happy and relaxed – something we don’t transfer over to Feb-Nov with much success.

Quality of experiences is a great thing and Christmas with my family is the best of the best and a very different kind of happiness. Travel has given me some damn fine ones but 50 countries and 8 years of travel can’t replace time spent with 15 nephews and nieces.

this is what the magic looks like - nothing special but very powerful

Aside from missing my beautiful girlfriend who is over in Colombia ‘saving the world…’ I’ll be having a very normal wonderful routine (absolutely crazy) Christmas with my family.

Hope others are blessed to have the culture of doing the same.

Happy X-mas!


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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