Brilliant Old Year and Fantastic New Year to come… + REAL resolutions (ha!)

Has been a very different year in 2010 but loved and learnt from every moment of it… I still love humanity and being a part of it.

This year was another awesome or learning experience because:

  • I saw my father pass away and celebrated his life with my beautiful family
  • Developed the most amazing relationship of my life to date with Rach – too much to gush about here so just know that I am completely in love and not with myself for the first time!
    • Her initiation was nursing me after a haemorrhoidectomy and then dad’s funeral!
  • Travelled around, up and down Australia twice training presenters for the Global Poverty Project – learning so much and being inspired by sooo many individuals who want to make the world a more just and happy place
  • Presented over 50 times in schools and then saw seeds grow into inspirational actions from 10-18 year olds – I have never been more inspired by youth ever – it is a very privileged job
  • Rubbed shoulders with so many brilliant people, organisations, resources, networks, programs who are involved in social action and inspire me to be a part of the solution not pollution – thank you!
  • Finished it all off with 35 family for Christmas at my favourite place in the world – my sister’s farm at Pt Neill, South Australia… concretes my belief that experiences are the best thing in life!

it is a pure privilege to present for a living

New Year Resolutions…

In 2010 I:

  • watched sunrise on the 29th of each month and continue to love doing it!
  • made jelly on the 15th of each month – including buying jelly crystals and adding them to soy-milk with raisin bread, sprinkles, green food colouring and more!
  • averaged 10 push-ups or more per day (not easy when I had 2 bum operations [RIP Tony]!)
  • failed in my attempt to spend $5 at an op-shop each month
  • tried to make a conservative effort to wink more like my uncle used to – fail

In 2011 I will:

  • continuing for the third year of watching the sunrise on the 29th of the month – love it!
  • make popcorn on the 15th of the month to replace jelly from 2010
  • write a blog every Thursday as I started back in November
  • average over 15 push-ups per day (not always easy when travelling or in front of people)
  • live on less than $2 a day (for food) for the month of May to coincide with the Global Poverty Project’s Live Below the Line campaign
  • have a dinner of stout and soup on the first day forecast under 20 for the year (in Melbourne)
  • go for a swim on the first day forecast over 20 for the year (in Melbourne) after winter
  • have an ice-cream on the first day forecast over 30 for the year (in Melbourne) after winter
  • make a concerted effort to start drinking hot drinks in winter such as tea, miso, peppermint or suggestion…?
  • try and meet someone from Armenia
  • live with the weather and not against it and encourage others to stop pissing and moaning about weather and can only have POSITIVE comments for the weather who always receives a bad wrap!
  • Fortnightly on Tuesday watch a movie or doco and sit for at least 60 minutes without moving!
  • learn all the countries that start with C (???) like I did with A (11)
  • aim to do a 50km run this year – hopefully the Bay to Barn (Glenelg to McLaren Vale)
  • miss my girlfriend everyday for 6 months while she is in Colombia and then relish living everyday with her for the final 6 months!

Hope you all have a fun time of setting REAL New Year’s Resolutions!

I am jumping out of skin for 2011 with new responsibilities, paths, people, places and palaver!

Wishing you all an awesome year and keep in touch as I really appreciate keeping in the loop with you all. Happy Experiencing in 2011!!!

Abrasos y besos,

d’Arcy. x

better than any mountain


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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