Personification of Selflessness – A Wonderful Role-Model

Usually this blog is about talking about myself which I do far too much and easily!!! However this piece is about someone I know who is an amazing role-model for me that I look to for ideas, challenges and humility.

This person is the most humanistic selfless person I have ever met. This means they are a true human being who puts feelings first and looks at people as humans and responds to their needs with understanding regardless of their appearance, reputation or mood.

I have never seen so many other people depend on someone so much. It must be an amazing make up of someone who has this quality and can provide this responsibility.

When I am with people who know this person or other people who see this person walk in the room and meet them for the first time – they talk of how genuine that person is and how they know they can confide or rely on that person in some way even instantly.

It must feel like a massive burden being someone who carries the compassion and caters to the needs of so many others but this person takes it in their stride as that is who they are and it is completely natural.

This person has a very different core about them to me and I admire, learn and aspire to that human core of theirs and hope any little piece of their ability to be so much to so many others rubs off on me (and maybe a reader or two).

This person now works in emergency aid and development with Médecins Sans Frontières in Colombia heading up the logistics and operations of a new tuberculosis clinic in a very troubled port city famous for rain and drug trafficking. I think they will be in their element following their dreams and their natural calling.

A big Happy Birthday to you for the 11th of January and I am very lucky to have you as a friend let alone as my girlfriend – see you in 5 months!

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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1 Response to Personification of Selflessness – A Wonderful Role-Model

  1. Rich says:

    Oh you are sweet… I hope Ash doesn’t read this as I will reuse it 😛

    Happy Birthday Rach

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