Flood of Empathy

So my take on the floods…

Fantastic, you beauty, ripper, splendid, finally…

Always have to start with the positive – although I usually end in the positive and most of the middle is positive… anyway.

What a great response to the needs of people who have experienced hardship. Really shows that at our core we are human, good-willed, empathetic and bloody well do-gooders.

We have seen people volunteer, build community, participate, be active citizens and above all enjoy being a part of something that is a positive contribution and feel good about it.

This is kind of my whole point to life. When we live as neighbours and community with less around us we are usually happier, more fulfilled and has a sense of purpose. Good feeling that come from working hands and compassionate hearts not Harvey Norman.

When people get amazed that I have volunteered for years, lived out of a backpack, bicycle trailer, van, underground storage space or soon to be room in a house (I know bloody sell out!) it is because I get my ‘riches’ from doing this as permanently as possible.

Its funny that it takes a flood or disaster to be like this?

If only I knew how to bottle this empathy and enthusiasm and offer it to our extreme poverty partners.


About lunny06

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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