How can I live with my sodastream?

To buy or not to buy – that is the question…

There is no such thing as an easy purchase for me…

I bought my first pure luxury item for the first time in a long time a couple of weeks ago – a sodastream machine (that put bubbles in water).

I know I can live without having carbonated bubbles in my water but I like water with bubbles and now that I get paid for what I do I can afford it but still I don’t have a defined way to make this purchase justifiable or worthy…

So what I am currently going through is:

  • A – I’m a tight-arse and this sodastream represents a good week of spending in a normal week
  • Could I have got it second hand?
    • I know this is something that sits in the back of cupboards somewhere never to be used again…
  • Can’t I just be happy having water without bubbles?
    • I can’t bear to think of the billions of people who have unpotable or barely potable water and I have to have a machine that puts bubbles in my water because the beautiful clean safe drinking water that comes out of the tap next to my den isn’t good enough!!!
  • How much will I use it?
    • Will I manage to use this item enough so it will offset the mostly unethical sources of it production – i.e. the mining needed to create the materials, the probably harmful factory practices for the people that put it together and the crap wages of the people who work at the super-store (stupid-store) that I bought it from – yes K-Mart (ie. one of the devils)
  • Am I really saving the environment as it claims?
    • No, I don’t buy it – the possible 100 plastic bottles I will save by making my own bubbled water isn’t close to off-setting this purchase
    • As for the carbon canisters needed to continue to put bubbles in my water – I thought it is maybe a good micro carbon capturing system but then I am just re-releasing the carbon in the water and back into my body for me to then expel as carbon burps and worse – methane if it makes it that far
  • Will the health benefits it also claims be worthwhile?
    • I can now have fizzy drinks without nasty sugar and chemicals (read – diet coke, etc.) – cool but surely carbonated water is not as healthy as plain natural still water and its not like I am a 2L coke and pizza a day kind of bloke

So how do I live with myself for this purchase…?

I can’t! I have not found one half decent honourable, sustainable, rational, ethical reason on why I own this product other than it makes me happy when I drink water with bubbles in it – this is not enough…

I can only state that it is a real once off and I won’t be buying such a luxury item for some time again before I can take myself through the moral torture again.

Having said that the cup is very much still half full – and with bubbles!

Happy consuming folks – now that I am one of the masses… (hope others go through this when they buy something… do people do this even a little?)

For a crock of shit read this:

Important Bubbly Water Provider

Now have the burden to make sure it becomes a family heirloom or pass onto some very needy person who needs bubbly water to live on…

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2 Responses to How can I live with my sodastream?

  1. ally says:

    oh yes, all so true! yes other peeps do this, feel not alone peaceful warrior! maybe not a whole lot of people, and maybe not a whole lot of enough, but is awfully nice to bear witness to someone’s head traversing the same gnarly landscape!

    big ups for how much you jump on your ethical boat and sail away from the evil store cliff – you continue to inspire.

    ps was at a friend’s house the other night who had also just given into the bubbly desire – at least the machine reminds you every time of the possible methane effect via the noises it makes in production!

    pps was that you on the results call tonight per chance?

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