Easily Living is Hard Work

Since arriving back in x-mas 2008 after from many years of volunteering and most recently a year in Ethiopia I have managed to not live in a house for any longer than two continuous weeks.

I firstly lived out of a backpack as most return volunteers do when they first get back.

Cycling around New Zealand with my bike trailer


This upgraded to a bicycle trailer as I cycled around Aotearoa New Zealand and from Melbourne to Brisbane.

My NT alarm clock


It was then living out of a troop carrier NE of Alice Springs as I spent 3 months being a roving release teacher in various Aboriginal communities.

Nomad Living in the Van – so awesome

Next was to move to Melbourne where I bought a Nissan Nomad family van and pulled out the seats and lived out of my van in various Melbourne locations for almost 8 months.

The Den


Then it was a big step to move into my friends’ basement under their apartment – a cement bunker type set up with electricity known as the den.

As of Sunday I now live in a room in a house in Coburg. 

I made a promise to myself when I was in Ethiopia that after many years of living and learning from developing countries I wouldn’t settle for convenient ‘western living’ when I returned back to the developed world.

This doesn’t mean I needed to make my life difficult or unusual it meant living with the integrity, humanity and more pure form as I feel I do when I am in developing countries. For example living within limitations that require thought, more action and a mind-shift around what I do and how I interact with my environment.

When I lived in my van I walked almost every night to discover the area I lived in and listen to the radio after a long day in front of the computer.

Then in the den I lived 15m from a river and had instant access to nature, birds and the sound of water.

This week I have really struggled being in a nice house in a nice room and sleeping in a nice bed (and drinking soda stream by night – which I still haven’t off-set my guilt!). It is also closer to work which means a shorter ride or run – even when I deliberately go a longer way.

So how do I live with my own integrity that I feel I have when I am in a developing country?

Again I don’t know… I don’t watch TV but know I will, I have been on walks but not every night, I look after three chooks but my cousin won’t let me live in their shed with them.

Basically I find it harder to live easily and find it easy living harder…

Maybe I need a debilitating illness or impediment to relish my surroundings – not that I wish for it.

So any suggestions to make my life harder (more pure) would be welcome!

Happy popcorn making on the 15th of this week as well…

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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