Can’t Buy Simplicity & Happiness

How do you live a life within your own ethics when they are so pedantic?

Still having a problem with my living conditions of luxury…

I have managed to find longer and harder ways to cycle into work via distant bicycle trails and thoroughly enjoy the extra distance and ride-time into work…

However how do I live with the high expectations and ethics I put on myself to live a more humanistic and simple life.

I had a great conversation with friends over an ale or two (which for some reason I don’t have a guilty pleasure conscience about…?) that I can come off as coy and as an amusement – no worries but I honestly enjoy living with less or having less conveniences not because I want to be unique and interesting but because I feel more integrated with the world and the environment around me.

This is completely my choice and I do NOT expect others to live the way I choose to live but there is disbelief that I am not happier now that I am living in a house in a bed and ready access to water and electricity. Again this week I have been yearning for a van to live in or an abandoned space tucked in the corner of the city somewhere that I can throw a mattress on the ground or a caravan.

Funny this is a stupid first-world problem when I work daily for 1.4 billion people who have nothing…! Count my blessings and shut up eh! But this does bring back thoughts of travelling and teaching in very poor communities where I loved the lifestyle but being completely hypocritical when times are bad and I can access what I need to cure sickness or unhappiness. But in this context how do you cure unhappiness when you can’t buy your way out of it with material possessions?

So anyone out there who lives in Coburg and needs an old van lived in, house squat or shed out the back filled I’m all ears (needs to be close to Coburg so I can continue to look after my cousin’s chooks and house while he is away from time to time).

Last whinging blog for a while and will be bright and sunny next time round just in a confusing world of change when I head towards the luxury end of the spectrum.

A bit like this morning it was like riding in a tropical paradise as I poured out my body weight in sweat from the humidity!

My Dream Home

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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  1. That is such a cool photo!!

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