I wish I could…

Some people wish they could win the lottery, have a million dollars, own a big house, go on a tropical holiday to paradise…

Personally I wish I could:

–          sow,

–          grow a great garden of food and flowers,

–          be handy with a hammer and make stuff – like a table

–          know how to be more resourceful with less

–          be crafty and make gifts or cards

–          be a strong part of an active community

–          write more postcards

–          walk and be outside more

–          plus many other activities and skills

So when I was thinking about ‘I wish I could’ while running into work this morning it occurred to me that these are the skills, capabilities and reality for people in developing countries or who live in poverty. They have to be resilient, resourceful, skilful, self-reliant, dependent and connected with the environment and community around them and in my eyes live a more natural pure form of life.

This is something that would often hit me as I experienced in many developing countries and poverty-stricken communities around the world and I always wanted to scream – ‘Don’t yearn for materialist luxuries and the easy life! What you have is just as rich, healthy and fulfilling!’

It is impossible to say this to people in poverty or with less as I have been able to have the freedom to  experience ‘luxury’. I can’t tell people what they shouldn’t dream for and more importantly if I was ever to get sick, hungry, lonely, fed-up with living a harder more simplistic fulfilling life I could always buy my way back into luxury that has regular access to food, clean water, warm/cool shelter, health care, education and work so it is completely hypocritical to say to people in poverty – which I didn’t.

pure life - daily life the way it should be for all - maybe?

So my point and lesson from all of this for me is that I dwell in simplicity and enjoy the actions it demands, creates and gives and this is why I have been whinging about living in a house as I thirst for simplicity and nature so I can enjoy a more fulfilling and pure way of life (according to me).

So don’t expect me to be buying lottery tickets, fast cars, big homes, matching furniture from the right brand, etc… (except soda-stream). But just as importantly I can’t judge others and tell people to not strive for those things, it makes me an a-hole, just a little mutual respect would be nice – and maybe a little more empathy for those who don’t choose to live in poverty and when they do get sick or hungry in their perfect simplistic pure fulfilling lives time is hard crap and a struggle and we have capacity to empower them to empower themselves…

A great source of thought and info on crap like this – Voluntary Simplicity and the Simplicity Collective: http://simplicitycollective.com/alternative-hedonism-and-the-pleasures-of-simplicity

Happy dreams – whatever they may be…


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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