For Me Empathy = Action (and not a horrible time – just life)

A busy week – lots of work leading up to our Youth Launch Event at Federation Square on 19 March 1.30-4pm ( Nice plug eh!

But also I have been taken on a confronting, reflective and beautiful emotional journey.

Wanted to put in a funny stupid one this week but been filled with too many reflective thoughts and positive good emotional feelings.

I think I must have a massive amount of empathy to almost all social justice causes. But I don’t connect it to emotional attachment – I prefer to connect with a practical sense of realism and action so in my eyes this is what the pollution – solution matrix looks like (to me, not saying others must):

Why would you throw out food that can be eaten? Eating leftovers from dumpsters or restaurants isn’t dirty (if it is safe) – it makes sense
Why commute to work by car? When you can get exercise, interact with your environment and have an environmental bonus
Why wish for quick and easy all the time? Walking, cooking, cleaning, etc are meaningful tasks and a welcome part of life – not always about working hard to have pure free time where you have to relax and start then regretting Monday again
Why wouldn’t you act and do anything that has less negative impact on others and environment? Having shorter showers on days you need them, reusing anything, switching items off at the power source, recycling properly and other simple tasks aren’t a burden they are habit and just become ‘normal’ but effective
Why live in fear of what you haven’t done or can’t do? Close to everyday should be living your dream – why not, there is no law saying you can’t (unless your dream is illegal!)
Why would we allow people in this world to live in extreme poverty? We know we have enough resources for everyone in the world and can make it happen – I don’t work for the Global Poverty Project because I think I am ‘saving the world’ I do it because it makes sense and I love people from anywhere and don’t believe some should have this and others shouldn’t have that – especially when we are talking about access to food, clean water, health care, education and human rights

I could go on here but it sounds like I am pointing the evil moral stick at people…

My point is I act with a sense of practicality if there is a major problem – ranging from dirty dishes to environmental degradation to unequal rights and opportunities; I act upon it and enjoy the responsibility it brings and celebrate the differences it may cause.

Three stand out points this week brought about this line of thought and reflection:

–          International Women’s Day (8 March)

–          My big sister’s 50th birthday (9 March) and

–          Attending a Landmark Education information night with one of my two best friends in the world

They all provided me an opportunity to look outside the box and parameters we live in – with our own thoughts and conditioning and the expectations of society.

IWD always lets me think about the power of women and the suppression they live with. On this day I love the celebration that women deal with this and rarely complain and instead look to positive examples and role-models. One such example and role-model being my big sister who is a true matriarch and ripples amazing selflessness and leadership that most women possess – happy 50th!

Lastly Landmark Education which should be treated with scepticism, then interest and possibly commitment. I have seen it transform people, I know and strangers I don’t, to live beyond their potential and be energetic happy positive people. One statement that stood out for me was – ‘you with think the thoughts you never had which will make you do the things you thought you would never do’. Better than sitting on the fence and making other excuses I am convinced to have a go and attend and see what beyond my potential might look like, and hopefully become?

Can promise a tale of ‘can’t believe I ate this’ or ‘accidentally cycled 100km today’ type story soon…

GPP Youth Launch 19 Mar Feb Sqr!


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