Sustainable Transport – Fun, Profitable & Healthy

Saving the world can be fun, local and for your pleasure…

Category 1 – A specific place in Moreland that shows sustainable transport in action. This could be (but not limited to) your street, station, school, or local shopping centre.

My Submission:

I would love to see bicycle carriers on the front of trams as they have in many cities – in particular Portland.

Then promote them and have fun activities involving a walk, bike and tram ride.

Sydney Rd Tram

For example:

–          Get yourself to Sydney Road at Royal Parade (either by bike or tram [with bike carrier])

–          Slowly cycle your way north along Sydney Road stopping off at prominent café’s, shops, places of interest, the council library, quirky different places all the way till the end of the tram line

  • possibly with small little treasure hunt or tick off list to complete
  • include a stop off to Moreland City Council to see their sustainable transport, zero emissions and other initiatives
  • great way to promote local businesses and community interaction
  • have a few side trips on the bike to CERES and other attractions
  • reverse option riding north to south (if you have a tail wind!)
  • also have a pure cycle option on the Merri Creek, Moonee Ponds or Upfield bike trails
  • promote this idea by walking from Royal Park to Coburg (and save on the bike racks – but not as much fun)

–          When you reach the end of the tram line put your bike on the bicycle carrier on the front of the tram and connect with any train or tram to take you and your bike home.

A simple small idea that could be supported with a small booklet and lots of alternatives

–          for different demographics such as – group of older students, couples, older people, the wedding party (with all the wedding shops) and

–          different themes – sustainability, café’s, good spots for a quick drink, best deserts or best baklava, cultural Sydney Road, musical Sydney Road, off-beat quirky Sydney Road, community interaction and making a difference, etc…

Sydney Rd baclava


–          investment for bicycle carriers on trams that service Sydney Road

–          educate tram drivers and public on how to use

–          production of information and supporting booklet for participants

–          advertising of the idea and promotion with tourism industry


–          set a precedent for other councils, cities, countries

–          a great model for other prominant streets in Melbourne serviced by trams (and other cities such as Adelaide and internationally)

–          integration of community participation, active citizenship, sustainable transport, tourism, support of local businesses and local city council

–          making of booklet small investment and easily adapted and updated to other needs

–          a great way to celebrate Sydney Road tourism for Melbourne

–          opportunity to try and integrate the new blue bicycle system in the Melbourne CBD

–          act, travel, interact, enjoy – locally; make a difference – globally.

I work with a not-for-profit in Melbourne to eradicate global extreme poverty but I also strongly believe in local community participation and environmental sustainability while making it fun and interactive!

Many Thanks


Sydney Rd bike-lane


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