I give a little… but get a lot…

Have to share this one with you. This is just one of many absolutely beautiful sides of being involved with the Global Poverty Project presentation. 

I did a presentation last year in Alice Springs at a school and really enjoyed a great connection with the host as usually happens. We kept in touch, she then put me in touch with her daughter in Melbourne, who is also a teacher, and I did a presentation at that school. I then got invited back to Alice Springs for the Square Round Table Asia/Pacific conference. Sarah or as she is know to her friends, Polly, organised for me to present and this is what I did today.

Unfortunately Polly, as I know her, couldn’t make it as she has recently had a bad illness and is in hospital in Melbourne.

After two incredible presentations today as a part of an amazing week with students and teachers from over 20 schools around Australia, Japan, Singapore, Canada and Cambodia, I had to get in touch with Polly and share with her the amazing buzz. I also thanked her for her organisation of the conference and send my best regards to her and for her health.

This is her reply…

My dear D’arcy

Thank you so much and a massive thank you to you for being there.

I have found it a bit hard not being there I must admit. I was with you every step of the way.

Lots love and we will be in touch some more  xx Polly

Polly is not the only amazing person and connection I have had as being a GPP presenter – training presenters, other people from other orgs, hosts, audience members and many more have made being a part of this presentation more than just doing something to try and contribute to ending extreme poverty. The personal learning, wealth and connections I have been privileged to be a part of are very unique and special.

I love being a part of something very special, not just in what I offer as a presenter but also in what I receive. Wow, very humbled at this moment…

Fellow training presenters - a part of the community

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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