Lush Larapinta

Something special about a 120km walk over 4 days. Even the 5 hour wait for a hitch on the outskirts of Alice Springs to get out to the west end of the Larapinta Trail was all worth it!

Not too hard waiting for a hitch when this is your background prop

The amazing vast West Macdonald ranges for 220km west of Alice Springs

The trouble when you don't take a professional photographer with you on expedition...

For 5 days - perfect blue skies, full moon, mountains, gumtrees, nature - perfect!

Mt Sonder from afar

The centre of Australia has a part of heart. So easy to engage with nature and get perspective again. On top of this – great friends, round and ready Alice (Springs) and more exposure to our special and troubled Indigenous culture – love the Alice.

Strongly encourage anyone to get out on the Larapinta Trail and take a look for yourself… Now on the bike for the Easter weekend will post a few extra blogs as well.


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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