Living Below the Line for the first 4 weeks of May…

Join me in May for Live Below the Line

The Live Below the Line challenge: $2 worth of food each day for 5 days – May 16-20…

I’m living below the line for 4 weeks this year starting May 1 till May 29. I love the discipline, provoking thoughts, conversations, inspirations and perspectives it gives me and people around me.

Join in, Live Below the Line and you will get great perspectives, inspire others and contribute to seeing an end to extreme poverty.

If you don’t think you can take the challenge for just 5 days then you can still contribute and maybe donate $2 a day for each day I live on $2 a day (bout $50 bucks) – easy to do on my LBTL page –

All funds raised go to the awesome work of the Global Poverty Project and the work we do in poverty alleviation and to see a world without extreme poverty…

Amazing woman and her kids I used to meet on a regular walk while in Ethiopia - happy, resilient and resourceful but never sure if there is food tomorrow or next month...

A more detailed look at why I am going to live below the line for 4 weeks this May… (fairly personal and involves haemorrhoids!)

Last year I wanted to do it for a month but a combination of haemorrhoids and my father dying made a big enough excuse for me to only do it for 5 days. With my haemorrhoids behind me! And dad not dying again recently I am completely fired up to do it for 4 weeks for this years challenge.

Live Below the Line

  • Is thought provoking
  • Gives you a sense of what it is like for 1.4 billion people who live in extreme poverty (under US $1.25 / day or equivalent PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) – $2 in AU
  • Creates a lot of interesting conversation around the topics and issues of poverty
  • Inspires you to think, learn and take action in poverty alleviation
  • Lets you be an inspiration for others who think they could never do it
  • Is an important fundraiser for the Global Poverty Project to aid in our poverty alleviation work of education and campaigning – we are a not-for-profit org
  • Puts a value on everything around you
  • IT IS NOT designed to: starve you, make you feel guilty, be a cheap diet to lose weight, give you a moral high-ground to show off to your peers, be a charity and a way to help the ‘poor people’, become judgemental to give other a moral bashing – ‘we are so lucky in our lives’ and ‘you are so wasteful’
  • IT IS… a great way to gain understanding, provoke conversation, be an inspiration to others and start or continue your path to being an effective change-maker for poverty alleviation

I have decided to do it for four weeks in May to give me a great mind-set of understanding and inspiration to continue to be active and gain new perspectives and ideas on how to make a difference in the world for all.

Last year I did my 5 days of Live Below the Line for $5 and had enough to eat. My diet largely consisted of oats, carrots and soups – enough to give me energy each day but boring as bat’s crap.

Really it is about a lack of choice in what you eat, as opposed to not eating enough or finding a bargain. You can’t beg, borrow, steal or grow your food for free it all has to have a value.

Please sign up and join me, Hugh Jackman and over 5000 others around the world to Live Below the Line from May 16-20 It will change your view on the world.

If you don’t I will be asking for donations so you better!

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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