Saving the Poor – Learning from the Poor

I admire and almost yearn for the lifestyle of people who live in poverty.

From a very privileged white perspective the lives of people who live in poverty looks – simple, authentic and easy.

From my experiences and perspectives of living and learning with people from developing countries I love the form of life people in developing countries live. To me it seems more real, pure, humanistic, balanced and content.

I work to alleviate poverty not because poor people are sad, helpless and wish they could be like the west – I would never wish that on them. I work to see an end to poverty and in particular extreme poverty so people can continue to lead their lives without fear of hunger, sickness and struggle.

Aid and development is not designed to make people happy – we are not so good at that ourselves… it is about security and piece of mind. So that if they or someone in their family gets sick they can cover the cost to medicate them to get better, or be able to send all of their children to school.

(Have a big left-wing socialist perspective on what security means in the west … save it for next week’s blog…)

I don’t work to alleviate poverty to feel good about myself or for the greater good of the world. It is a mandate of humankind that we do this and make sure all people have access to their rights – not by choice but by law of humanity – no questions asked – clean water, sanitation, health, education, food security for all.

Learn from these guys what life is all about... amazing

You don’t have to go overseas for 8 years and miss your family to do this… one way to get perspective is to Live Below the Line – as I am doing this May, starting Sunday!

Sounds like an add with a finish like that but do Live Below the Line as it will educate, inspire and activate you in the world – locally, globally and socially!

If living on $2 a day for your food and drinks isn’t your gig you can always sponsor me… I start Sunday for 4 weeks –

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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