What was your reaction…?

I think what ever your reaction was to the news of Osama Bin Laden announced dead can define a little where you are in your life right now…

Personally I think the killing of Osama means nothing and does nothing. It shows that in our civilisation and in this age we still don’t have the maturity and wisdom to look beyond retaliation and celebrate death.

Bombs and bullets don’t, nor ever will, resolve problems in a long lasting and higher humanitarian form.

Osama was not a good person, 3000 deaths inNew Yorkwere not insignificant but to feel accomplishment to a problem that is now embedded in our world with the death of one man is not significant.

So the solution without violence…?

Taking a stance of non-violence is not the easy path but surely it is the one worth fighting for. Peaceful resolutions are not immediate but they are generally longer lasting.

What if we had spend the trillion(s?) of dollars poured into the hunting down of Obama, theAfghanistanwar and the Iraqi war – into peace, equality and unity? Imagine if we made sure everybody had access and opportunity to access their basic human rights, be able to have happiness and hope and not feel they need to fight for these things…

If we have a more cohesive and satisfied world we have less Osama’s. Even if there is the odd nut-case, they have no support because people don’t identify with them and have no need or reason to support their ridiculous anti-human ideologies.

All of this is very unrealistic in the context of the world today. My wish is we can evolve into higher beings and go beyond retaliation and solving problems with violence.

I also think it is important to have another perspectives on this event as we hear of jubilation, justice and celebration of death from our media and even more disappointing – our leaders.

Think about where you sit on the pacifism spectrum and what will be your reaction next time…


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3 Responses to What was your reaction…?

  1. Alicia says:

    Hey d’Arcy,

    Thanks for putting this out there – I too have been feeling quite uneasy about the events and the reactions to this and also the killing of Moama Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren. What right does the US or NATO have to go around killing people and their family in the name of what they think is right? – this in my eyes makes them no better than the people they are targeting. Let’s hope that the end of this chapter in history brings about a new story of a more peaceful approach to global relations.

    • lunny06 says:

      Great link to NATO… It doesn’t matter how ‘social just’ we think killing someone is it is still the cheap, easy, less effective answer – whether that be Gorge Bush, a terrorist, the UN or you or me.

      Beautiful point – thanks!

  2. Christine Crosby says:

    I thought it was an unusual interpretation of justice.

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