What is security for the future…?

I have to give this blog a little intro – I am currently day 5 of 28 of Living Below the Line (Less than $2 a day each day for food and drinks) so I feel a little more justified to give my society a moral spray!

Live like crap for 30 years but you’ll be happy and secure in the future…

The idea of security and piece of mind make me laugh at how far removed most of our mainstream society is in this regard.

In a past blog and wrote how I admire the lifestyle of people in developing countries because they live in the world around them – community, nature and family and are dependent on it. The downside is the security of tomorrow – having enough to eat, being able to combat sickness, being able to get an education, accessing the right to have time to spend on leisure.

To be secure in the society I come from means – owning a house, other assets, a well paid job and earning a bucket of superannuation for security many years in the future.

For me this usually means people having to work at a job that might not be fulfilling, taking all their time so they can earn enough money to pay for all their assets and giving them no time to enjoy them for around 30 years.

It may give security but it means 30 years of your life is a grind so you can have some free time when you are 60 with limited knees, needing naps in the afternoon and a drug regime

Go on a bloody caravan trip now and don’t own so much shit!

All very easy for me to have this perspective without having any responsibilities and job security, knowing that on any day I can get a job teaching in almost any country around the world.

As always this is not a piece about we being judgemental and saying people who play the mainstream game are a bunch of nannies it is more that it is not the path I choose and it seems strange to me that the majority of people choose this way of life. I respect it and appreciate respect reciprocated if I don’t choose to follow the mainstream.

We may find out if my perspective is wrong if I make 60 and have to live a simple life without a deluxe caravan and trips overseas on tour groups and cruise ships (sounds shit to me). But in the meantime I’ll continue to live out my dreams now and love each day as I have for the past 11 years…

My and Rach's Dream Home - Security against time poverty and to enjoy life.


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