Live to Eat? Eat to Live?

Well at the moment as I am into day 12 of 4 weeks of Live Below the Line and I am the latter.

But for me I believe this is the way it should be and has been for most people for ever until recently in some parts of the world.

Think about how much we want these days and how we quickly translate into need.

It starts with – ‘man I really feel like a coffee’ and quickly rushes into ‘I need a coffee.’ I have always tried to be of the needs-based thought picture but most people are. When you are a kid you are only allowed to have sweet things on special occasions and then when you are under your own control you live by the rule that I need that sweet thing to see the day out.

If you live in poverty, in particular in a developing country, you have no ‘I need…’ because you don’t complain – you can’t, you don’t know what it is like to have and therefore want. This is not a sad picture it is one of life, survival and the now as opposed to ‘I want/need this so I can… (usually referring to something in the distant future)’.

When you only get to eat to live you have more appreciation of everything else around you and have a closer connection to it all.

I am not saying we all need to starve ourselves to feel this but we can do it in a mind shift from I want/need to I have…

A little head swirly this morning as I haven’t had my simple bowl of oats yet and my preaching about this bliss-in-simplicity and positivity is going to go through the roof in the next three days as I attend a conference from 9am to 10pm each day looking at perspectives and potentials. Sure to give you more ‘privileged-is-terrible’ rant next week!

Apples for two weeks - they taste so good when you have no choice!

PS. Some recent Live Below the Line posts I’ve made to give you the big call to have a crack at Live Below the Line starting next Monday 16 May for 5 days!

I love being an advocate and believer children born today will grow up in a world where everyone will have enough food, access to clean drinking water, be able to go to school and not die from preventable diseases – sorry getting a little preachy as haven’t had my breakfast yet today and deep in empathy!

How to LBTL – PUMPKIN: roasted, baked, fried and boiled. But wait… capture the water you boiled the pumpkin in and have as nutritious filling drink during the day, PLUS peal the skin and keep the seeds and bake in the oven for crispy treats! You – win. Waste – lose!


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