Appreciation, Forgiveness and some Grace

If someone offered me an opportunity to increase in any of these traits I would take it…

Well a friend did offer me the opportunity to be a better walker of the planet (not in a physical sense – I do that pretty well).

My best friend went through the Landmark Education Forum. He spoke of how it had given him a new perspective in life, resolve some minor issues with his brothers and some practical tools for him to be more resilient and understanding. As I listened I got interested and then sceptical – an org that has a cult reputation, a place that changes peoples’ minds, a way to rip people off $600, etc…

I then went to an information night with him after he had finished the advanced course. I was then convinced my best friend wasn’t trying to deceive me but just wanted me to experience and share a tool and outlook on life to add more quality to my life and others in my life as he had done.

Last weekend I did the Landmark Education Forum – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 9am to10.30pm each day! It is a tough course with confronting self reflection and situations but at the end of the experience I am now left with some great practical tools and ways to view life so I have more in my life and an increase in the traits from my blog title.

Thank you to my best friend to share this opportunity with me and I hope to do the same and pay it forward even though I know I will be judged and ridiculed for it because of some of the ‘public perceptions’ of Landmark Education – some which are valid but luckily didn’t apply to me.

All I want is for the people I love and care about to have more quality in their lives.

The offer for appreciation, forgiveness and grace is there and this forum is not for everyone as there are a few quirks about it but I give a high guarantee it will make a positive impact like it did for my nephew and I. Have a look at the info and do it for the right reasons and for yourself but likely is you and so many others will benefit from it.

You can and will cast opinions and judgements on something you haven’t done yourself (as I did previously) but think about what if… and the opportunity to see the wonderful world with even more wonder in it!

Link to Landmark Education website – not a great site and best to speak to others who have actually DONE it but it is something I greatly appreciated.


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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2 Responses to Appreciation, Forgiveness and some Grace

  1. Christine Crosby says:

    Did “they” tell you to say that! Jokes joyce, at least I’m not letting “them” down. Really we are just proud of you d’Arc – if you’re happy we’re happy.

  2. lunny06 says:

    I’m happy I’m happy but I have always been happy… it’s not about being happy I think it is about appreciation and perspectives. I’m grateful to have received new appreciation and perspectives and I’m happy to offer that to others if they would also like a tool to do the same. No sales pitch here just sharing the joy as I normally do anyway… Cheers.

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