How will you celebrate – big roast or big resolves?

Firstly a huge congratulations to everyone taking part in Live Below the Line – totally amazing!

As a presenter and manager at the Global Poverty Project I would like to offer everyone a challenge in how you celebrate your week of Living Below the Line…

In the past I have always found it a little interesting that people celebrate the 40-hour Famine with a massive feast at McDonalds which ultimately shows a lack of understanding and purpose in the whole thing.

I am not here pointing the guilt or moral finger at but I am challenging you in your thoughts and actions from this week…

Will you have a gigantic roast feast at 12.01am tonight or will you take your learning to the next level – be humble for the experience and learning it has offered?

Yes, eat something wholesome and delicious – everyone will and after my month of Live Below the Line I will be as well but I would suggest doing it with restraint, grace and gratitude.

Most importantly what did you resolve to do during this week to be an active part of the movement to end extreme poverty? Buy fairtrade, donate, talk about these topics and issues more, other…?

One awesome way to make it all ‘stick’ would be to come and check out a 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation to put it all in context and why we ran this campaign and why the Global Poverty Project exists.

Keep an eye on our events page and we will be holding a special presentation for all Live Below the Line participants and sponsors 2 June…

Congrats, welcome to the community and movement and live your words and resolves!

Offering the Live Below the Line challenge to students in Huonville, Tassie


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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One Response to How will you celebrate – big roast or big resolves?

  1. tom says:

    Nice reflection Lunn – Good to have a piece of your mind every now and again.
    As it turns out this week didnt work out with our live below the line as Nele was sick and had a restricted diet.´But its on our list of things to do this month. Unfortunatley some people really miss the point when getting involved in these events. Im not sure about the live below the line idea but certainly the 40hr famine. (Im guessing we werent much better when we piged out on pastry from the Metro after our cleansing week in Canada).
    I like you challenge Lunn. Its not really about the week but our lives in general and we can change them in a day to day way.
    Be well mate

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