A better more pure world without money

The best things in Live Below the Line are Free – a wonderful lesson learnt!

I had a profound Live Below the Line moment last evening.

There have been moments of great reflection and thinking throughout my 26 days of Living Below the Line (minus one, add on two – thanks to a yoghurt breakdown!). Now that this challenge is coming closer to the end of my self selected four weeks I am starting to thinking beyond this challenge.

Yesterday in brief. Worked from my brother’s apartment in the morning and then took a 5km stroll to the train station on a beautiful Sydney afternoon.

Great meeting with an org looking at joining forces inspiring justice, action and global citizenship in year 8’s around Australia. Another walk taking in a stunning sunset with pinks hitting the Opera House and the perfect backdrop for the Bridge.

A 4km-ish walk through town to Central train station where I delivered some end of day sushi to some free spirited homeless folks (ruled slightly by addictions – which I can empathise with a bit better at the moment with my food [yoghurt] cravings).

Train to Kograh and a final 5km walk back to my brother’s place.

It was on this final walking leg that I was listening to a doco about a guy who lived on no money for one year and has not stopped that style of life since, another 3 years. It was inspiring to hear about how to really live with conviction and for a world that is ruled by human spirit, interaction, nature and community as opposed to consumerism. This has always been something I strive for but sometimes lack conviction with when in my own culture and in developed countries.

Live Below the Line has taught me a lot about what it is exactly that I really relate to when I am in developing countries. A simplicity and more ‘pure’ form of life. When I advocate for the world’s most needy it isn’t because they are sad and helpless it is out of respect for what they have and so they continue to have it without fear or worry of sickness, unexpected circumstances and the confidence to have the basic needs in life.

I would love it if Live Below the Line was just as much about our over-consumption and consumerism but pointing the bone at people just doesn’t work.

So with more conviction in my life thanks to Live Below the Line I will be taking on some more voluntary simplicity – walking, eat to live, friends, family, laughs and a closer relationship to my environment and nature.

I have Live Below the Line to thank for a beautiful reminder that the best and most meaningful things in life are for free!

Some great Resources:

The Nissan Nomad Van I lived in for 8 months around Melbourne


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