Live Below the Line – Changing Worlds

Live Below the Line CAN change the world and WILL change your world

The Live Below the Line challenge is so good on so many levels.

Some challenges are great like Movember, Febfast, 40 Hour Famine etc but they don’t have the complete full picture scale of LBL.

  1. LBL has been a great, fun, interesting and difficult challenge which is why people want to do it – so we have the novelty, competitive challenge strand.
  2. It then of course contributes to meaningful causes such as global awareness education and campaigning and education projects in developing countries – change for good strand covered.
  3. But it also has a long lasting effect on the people who undertake the challenge and turns the challenge into thought, habit and lifestyle changes.
  4. On top of all of this it is the most thought provoking, conversation starting and inspirational for others campaign I have ever seen!

If you have done LBL last year or this year or thought about doing LBL this year or maybe next year – simple: Do it!

If you want…

–   learning,

–   insight,

–   inspiration

–   to be a role-model for others,

–   have a greater appreciation of everything around you,

–   integrate more with your community and environment –

Then Live Below the Line is your chance.

The thing is we can do this anytime we like. Even for just one meal or one day. It is something I will do on a regular basis – actually I am thinking each Monday to upgrade my sugar-free Monday to LBL Monday.

Join a life choice that will improve the perspective and quality of your life (if you want to).

Thanks for sharing my Live Below the Line journey with me and keep an eye on my weekly blog for more propaganda and weird ways of living:

Humility, Harmony and Happiness

LIVING Below the Line - Living for the best life of enough food and plenty of company!


About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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