Why are Cemeteries so Dead?

I am a celebrator of life and lives…

I wish every cemetery was a place that had BBQ spots, chairs, tables and other party facilitating items. This morning I woke early so decided to jump out of bed and walk to Carlton Cemetery to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise Over Joy

As I sat under a big pine tree blocking me from a cold morning of off-the-Antarctic weather I enjoyed a very peaceful and simple sunrise (I know not on the 29th but I can have more than one sunrise a month if I want!). My brekky was a thermos of peppermint tea (5th use of the bag) and two pieces of bread – as I am making up three days of Live Below the Line after eating out of date yogurt that was to be thrown out during my month of LBL see my LBL blog for the full story there.

Simple brekky, beautiful dry spot under a tree, colourful and reflective as sunrises should be. My reflections had me thinking of death – maybe something to do with being in a cemetery? I was in the cemetery because I had been eyeing it off as a good vantage point for a sunrise which is hard to come by in Melbourne.

My thoughts went into why cemeteries are so bleak, dark, mournful and unattractive? Not many people in our western culture want to spend any time in a cemetery. One of the best festivals I have seen around the world is the Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) inLatin America. On this day the whole family meet up go to their beloved’s graves or symbol of and have a rip-roaring party to celebrate that person’s life. For me this is life after death – where we can smile and laugh in honour of the good times of that person.

So this morning as I looked over the graves of hundreds of people towards the sunrise I thought of all the times those people might have laughed or inspired or done wonderful things and it was a very powerful way to look at the lives before me.

We all have our different ways of dealing with death but I know the way I like to look at people – alive or dead and would want the same for me…

We all still have a life after death and if you’ve been nice it will be good one!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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