Not Travelling (i.e. moving) But Travelling

Hola Chicas, saludas de SurAmerica!

Well almost on my way toSouth Americabut for now – officially bored… already. Memories of the transport and visa travel game have come flooding back – days spent at remote border posts, stress of having the right visa with the right stamp and generally just being stuck in circumstances and places you have no control over: love it!

After being back at a job with things that need to be done and ‘the list’ always waiting it is hard to readjust back to having time – not in a holiday sense as for me I still like to use use it productively but when you have time what do you do, particularly in an airport? No where to run, ride or release so best write eh.

Airports I think are only good for two things:

  1. to catch a plane and
  2. sliding on their buffed floors in socks

Has also been a nice closure process from finishing up with the Global Poverty Project and preparing for 17 university volunteers who I am leading for a month of volunteer development work in the village of Quilla Huata, nearCusco,Peru.

So on with the show and the next chapter of a life ordinarily strange…

Certainly has started off in adventure fashion – Melb toSydneyflight cancelled so night train to Syd, 7.30am arrival at airport for a hopeful 10.30am departure and still here at 5pm writing about airports and socks. If expected arrival time is to be on track it will be a 45min sprint to my connecting flight from Buenos Aires to Lima which then needs to connect the following morning to Colombia.

Come Friday 6pm all will be forgotten as Rach and I are sitting back enjoying a couple of cervesas seeing each other for the first time in over 6 months.

Thanks to lots of send offs and words of amazing inspiration – be back annoying you all once again before you know it!

Hasta proximo semana.

Travel update (still not much travel [i.e. moving])

So the skinny.

– Flight Melb toSydneycancelled so an overnight train lobbed me inSydneyat 7am

– Ready for my 10am flight toBuenos Aireswhich left at 5pm that evening so night 1 upright and day 1 in airport.

– Next day which is actually same day thanks to time and date border. 9pm arrival inBuenos Aires3 hours after my connecting flight left for Lima

– Put up for the night by Qantas – nice in deed but a little slow to execute so 12.30am arrived at hotel ready to be up at 3am for the 6am flight to Lima…

– I now don’t know if it day or night but I have spent 10 minutes outside of a plane or airport in what feels like a long time.

– Leads beautifully into the now which is all I can live in as I have no idea what time, day or place I am in

– This mornings 6am flight right on time and arrival at 9am ready for connecting flight toCaliinColombiaand where the holy grail is (my girlfriend)

– Seems TACA forgot to organise a plane so I was told to wait 5 minutes and all would be sorted

– That was 3 hours ago and best case scenario is a 1am flight toCalistill keeping me on track to see my beauty

A fantastic re-birth back into travelling, airports and planes and the rubbery concept of time – love it. Only slight dramas is that no one knows where I am, many more have been waiting for me to contact them and there is no internet… First world problems… as I am alive and going to see Rach tomorrow – what could be more important than that!?

Will sure to have a really altered-perspective update soon and not due to taking on local products in Colombia… more the sleep deprivation that will have me do who know what.

Champ at Buenos Aires Airport nice and early…

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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  1. Ash says:

    GO CHAMP!!! 🙂

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