Half Time – New Year’s Resolutions Score…

I think if you are going to have ridiculous new years resolutions you need to make sure you keep to them!

In follow up to my boring-arse previous blog I’ve decided to double up with a slightly more interesting / less boring-arse post about how I am tracking with my NY resolutions (and I have to try and eat up some of my 15 hour plane journey!).

So here is what I intended to do and a little update on how I’m tracking (in italics):

My New Year Resolutions from 31 Dec 2010

In 2011 I will:

  • continuing for the third year of watching the sunrise on the 29th of the month – love it!

Always so cool and usually find at least one other time in the month to do it


  • make popcorn on the 15th of the month to replace jelly from 2010

Bit of a fail – have done it but not getting as bigger kick out of it as jelly – keep trying


Yep and really enjoying it certainly for my own sake and have no idea or care if others read!


  • average over 15 push-ups per day (not always easy when travelling or in front of people)

Being based in a house have been smashing this ave 30 a day and a heap of bicep curls, due to be tougher now I’m nomadding again


  • live on less than $2 a day (for food) for the month of May to coincide with the Global Poverty Project’s Live Below the Line campaign http://livebelowtheline.com/

Yep – completely – awesome and now do it every Monday – had a special blog for that month http://www.livebelowtheline.com.au/community/blogs/296097/#post-2642


  • have a dinner of stout and soup on the first day forecast under 20 for the year (in Melbourne)

Had a lot of soup from Live Below the Line but still yet to have my stout…


  • go for a swim on the first day forecast over 20 for the year (in Melbourne) after winter
  • have an ice-cream on the first day forecast over 30 for the year (in Melbourne) after winter

Left Melbourne now so might shoot for the first day that I get back!


  • make a concerted effort to start drinking hot drinks in winter such as tea, miso, peppermint or suggestion…?

Totally a hot drink drinker now… camomile, rosemary, thyme, mint, anything from the garden or just good old hot water – Live Below the Line style


  • try and meet someone from Armenia

Hasn’t happened by chance yet so will now have to give it some more effort… maybe go to Armenia while I’m in Europe (or there is a city named Armenia in Colombia)?


  • live with the weather and not against it and encourage others to stop pissing and moaning about weather and can only have POSITIVE comments for the weather who always receives a bad wrap!

Hardest resolution to maintain – why are we so pissed off with weather… work in progress


  • Fortnightly on Tuesday watch a movie or doco and sit for at least 60 minutes without moving!

Total fail but think I have more chance when with Rach so she can pin me down


  • learn all the countries that start with C (???) like I did with A (11)

Been doing it every so often, not quite there and some controversy around Cote de Ivory


  • aim to do a 50km run this year – hopefully the Bay to Barn (Glenelg to McLaren Vale)

Still super keen for this will aim for December


  • miss my girlfriend everyday for 6 months while she is in Colombia and then relish living everyday with her for the final 6 months!

On track as I write this on the plane to see her!

While this is all a bit obsessive compulsive it is also a great source of fun and conversation and would give it up for squids, plus it keeps me doing some things I know I wouldn’t do – gotta work on that move one… so plane movie for me.

Will blog again soon about that incredible feeling that happens when you see someone you love for the first time after a long time – think it needs it’s own word…? Will let you know.

Happy oranges slices and have a little half time reflection on your resolutions, make some or just be normal and not ruled by ridiculous self-rules that mean nothing! x

April Sunrise a Cracker - suburban Melbourne

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