Why do we live in a fairytale?

Where do we all get the idea that we want to have lots of money and a big house? How did it come about that is what we aspire for in life from the time we are very young? It’s a twisted fairytale that is never treated as one.

Why isn’t our inspiration to live in a community that works and cares about each other and to have many great experiences with family, friends and strangers?

I am no different, I grew up thinking a big house would be great. Then later in life we all think: if only we won the lottery then…

Back appreciating the developing world again my thoughts and lifestyle really clarify for me that – there is nothing more I could want from life, just more of the same and different!

If I was to have a dream-extension it would be for more people to have the opportunity to have the freedom and luxury to live a life of a daily dream.

El Faro (lighthouse) Miraflores, Lima, Peru

My sunrise walk this morning took me from the very affluent Miraflores area in Lima, along the coast till I got to the base of a decent hill which I walked up and copped a view of a very cloudy polluted chaotic city for as far as I could see (not far due to the clouds).

Within my 10km walk I passed through as affluent area as you would ever imagine anywhere in the world, to the sleep slopes of this bare dirty hill where people were living in as much extreme poverty as can also be imagined.

Not the most picaresque hill but got the mind ticking...

My emotions didn’t take me to – oh we should feel sorry for the poor people or rich people should feel guilty… my thoughts went more into why does the world aspire to be rich with money, a big house, car(s), other material goods and to be someone important in life?

I watched a woman early this morning clean a long street with incredible detail and beauty so there was not a single tick of rubbish or untidiness along the entire road. It was a humbling observation as I have become pretty self important over the last couple of years standing in front of lots of people spruiking global awareness and community participation when this woman’s role in the world is just as significant and she obviously has the same amount of pride and endeavour in her work. I wish she got the same accolades and attention for her work like I often receive.

I think sometimes to have the best things in life you just need a mind shift – it is there for all of us to appreciate. I of course say this with the devil on my shoulder saying that is easy for me to preach, as I have enough food, no responsibilities and sickness to cover my view on life but I appreciate this and really think my role in life is to assist the processes so people have enough in life to be content and secure in their surroundings (this doesn’t mean own an investment property!).

Well folks this is what a pre-sunrise wake up and three hour walk will do to you… Happy 29th of the month sunrise to you all! Love life and it will try to love you back?

Stomach on the blink already so expect some graphic bowel stories soon…

view over the dull - Lima

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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3 Responses to Why do we live in a fairytale?

  1. Ash says:

    Great post d’Arcy. You are right, we aspire to strange things… Glad to see Champ is enjoying Lima 🙂 take care xx

  2. Fi Grech says:

    Love your heart and I hear its beat.
    It is hard to convey an altered fairytale when one lives in it. Sigh.
    Thanks for sharing and look forward to the bowel laughs.

  3. Ally says:

    Your beautiful D’Arcy and the world is such a better place with you in it reminding us what it’s all really about. I so agree about wanting to aspire to live in a community that cares for each other and is happy…..looking forward to more of your posts xxxxx

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