Pure Life – experiences, learning and laughter!

A month in Peru together with 17 amazing people…

Sorry to have been off the blog-waves for a few weeks especially as I have had soooo many insights and extraño (strange) experiences but leading a fantastic group of 17 young adults for a month in Cusco, Peru has been a full-on and amazing 24/7 gig…

I will have to get some details happening but best summarised of the month experience is in a thank you letter to my possie after reading a beautiful leather-bound note book with llama on the front and their personal messages to me that they presented to me on our last night together.

The Peru Crew!

To My Dearest Compañeros!

Thank you so much for your notebook gift it is an amazing read and so thoughtful and beautiful your words – and plenty of llama humour!

You are my most valued possessions in life which is experiences, learning and memories. I have gained so much from spending time with each of you, getting insights and inspirations in how you interact with each other, your environments and the world – thank you!

Thank you also for putting up with my tight and militant regime as I was feeling my way through my first PACE experience as well.

I hope you gained a little insight into the world and dream I live everyday and have done for the past 11 years. While I don’t have a house, car or flat-screen TV to show my wealth, I have many memories like the one we have shared in the past month. I am now again a ‘richer’ person from the month with you all and the precious experiences we shared. Thank you for continuing to make my life rich and to live my dreams!

It was also a wonderful thing to see me with my friend Erwin who I met 6 years ago inSouth America. You are now also an important continuation in my life as well. I already look forward to the next time we meet and however many more times in the future. I don’t reserve my passion or excitement for specific people, you are all brilliant people who I will share quality time with in the future as much as possible – even if that is 6 years from now (I hope not…).

Sorry for all the stories and quirky (and sometimes suspicious) habits and the way I approach life. I thank you for putting up with them – and maybe adopting some of them (slightly off soymilk anyone…?).

What a quality dynamic learning caring fun experience we have shared and I hope for more of them in the future with each and all of you.

Life is a beautiful wonderful thing, so lovely to pass some of it with you now and into the future!

Muchisimas Gracias y Abrazos Grandes!


On the plane to Quito from Lima, 1.50pm Friday 29 July 2011

PS sorry girls for the photos of me with a hole in the crutch of my pants – an innocent mistake I swear!!!

Beautiful scenes of surrounds of Cusco


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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2 Responses to Pure Life – experiences, learning and laughter!

  1. Fi Grech says:

    Love it. Glad you have another memory for your bank. So precious. And I see some things never change…soy milk..:) but that is you and I love it.
    Hope your next adventure with Rachel is wonderful too. Stay safe.

  2. lunny06 says:

    Thanks Fi. Absolute pura vida – pure life… as it was in GPP times and for the past 11 years!

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