Jungle Gym – Amazon Style…

I now truly get the meaning of jungle-gym for the play equipment. I have just spent a week having a fascinating, learning and authentic experience in the Ecuadorian Oriente (jungle). This time, Rach with me, I’m back visiting a remote jungle community I visited 6 years ago while travelling throughLatin America.

Early Morning Rays on Our Jungle Accommodation

Last time I was the second foreign visitor to have visited the community of Wachimakand I helped set up a volunteer program which is still running today. This week Rach and I have been volunteering and sharing stories and cultures with the people of Wachimak.

6hr bus Quito - Tena, 5 hr bus to Rio Napo, 10 min canoe ride, hour hike & then pure Wachimak jungle!

The community has not changed much with the presence of more foreign visitors other than they have more stories of crazy foreigners who got bitten by something or weren’t into eating the feet in the prized chicken soup. They are still the subsistent happy community that is resilient, resourceful and proud of who they are with so much to showcase and share with others, and also now with 4 hours of solar power on a good day!

Same Wachimak Community now with Solar!!!

Relaxing after great long jungle walk

We have walked, planted corn, machete cleared paths, gone fishing, made cacoa and coffee and most importantly conversed and learnt about the way of life in the jungle and of people who live with a rich family and community way of life. My jungle gym reference goes to the hard form of hiking that is needed to get anywhere here. It is the jungle of course and then it is like going to the gym just getting from one place to another = jungle gym (with swinging on jungle vines as well if wanted!).

Our beautiful bathing and washing spot - Wachimak style!

So with much pleasure and encouragement I introduce you to the community of Wachimak and invite you to come and learn and appreciate an amazing way of life in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. http://www.wachimak.com/ Ashga Pargracho (thank you in Quichua the local Indigenous language)…


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