Insights into 2 billion lives

Blog from a few weeks ago while in Peru but a quality learning experience…

An amazing component of this project in Peru and the incredibly effective local NGO, Peru’s Challenge, is the house visit.

In the community of Quilla Huata where we work in doing lessons, health, construction and other the volunteers also take 90 minutes a week to visit a local family in the community who needs a little bit of extra individual work.

I was very fortunate to go with a group to a house visit to the home of two elderly women in the community. They had a small one room house and shared it with animals, had a smokey fire in the corner and a few rugs, bits of clothes and utensils. For me it was an amazing reminder of the people I have received so much learning and inspiration from around the world. The resilience, resourcefulness and humility that they live with is remarkable.

This is not when I feel I should be thankful for having been born in an affluent country or how I need to help these people it is more how we can exchange experiences, opportunities, learning and perspectives to benefit the both of us.

I saw four young adults for the first time gain a pure insight into the simple and hard way of life that is probably the same for around 2 billion or more others around the world. Their worlds, lives and future will now forever be slightly different from that moment on. Same two for the two ladies in their 70’s who will see that young Australians will be looking into their well-being and quality of life for the short term while we are here and a strategy for the long term when they are back in their other lives in Sydney.

This is not about rich white kids helping the poor people it is a pure living and learning experience exchanging different views and ways of life. The 17 young adults who are doing these home visits will be just as privileged and benefit from the experience as much as the oil, sugar, salt and other simple supplies that were left with the families they visit.

For me it was the best affirmation of why I love travelling, living and learning with other places and people around the world. It keeps me on my own path of learning and loving simplicity in life and mixing it with the advantage I have to see an improvement to the basic needs and quality of life for those who don’t have access to it.

Just another way this combination ofPeru’s Challenge and these incredible young vibrant adults are learning and creating a positive exchange for both parties involved and in particular me!

Chicken coops and guinea pig hutches all round


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