Czech – Champ of a Place

With only a day on the countryside and two days in Prague how good could Czech be?

Bloody great!

A mentioned in Poland it was a walk over the border into Czech. There we jumped on a train with no Czech money – thank you Germans who paid for our $2 tickets, and into the small green surrounded hills town of Tanvald.

Would have been nice if there was more than one accommodation option within a 4km walk but after investigation, from a 4km walk there wasn’t! So the rest-haven for the night was a classic 1970’s-ish style country hotel/motel with a room the size of a small village and a restaurant that served home cooked meals like your grandmother would make, actually maybe even better (dad’s mum that is!).

And so after early morning walk through beautiful forests and charming small villages we hit the road toPragueto play ‘find tonight’s accommodation’ game once again. This time another lengthy (hot) walk to a row of people’s houses that offered camping space and a few bungalows in the backyard. Settled on a suitable spot for 3 and walked through gardens, had ice cream and waited for Tom’s arrival, joining us from Germany for the weekend.

Tom and I tried our best to see the nightlife of Prague but just managed a few closing bars and some takeaways back at the camping spot – still it was the company that was important and no bar could ever match!

The Saturday was a solid day of sightseeing and noticing men high-panting under their arm pits, seeing an abandoned stadium for a long time and frantically finding toilets from time to time. I think there was also some UNESCO world heritage stuff as well. Classic day ending in the perfect sunset in outdoor bar with yummy beers and the best entertainment you can provide – two overweight guys drinking vodka and singing on a slightly distorted and loud microphone!

Beer + sausage = Czech/Prague

A few more night spots, some good grub and of course a few Czech amber liquids till our belly button nearly burst off.

We did save ourselves for one museum and it was the poo house / shit factory / old sewerage system of Prague from 1906. Nothing like a bit of poo history to put a place into perspective!

Sad farewell to Tom as not sure when we will meet again and an interesting rideshare for 7 hours non-stop (only 10 minutes) with a Romanian man living in Germany and accompanied by two guys from Iraq in the back of a 7 seater van. Again great chats and an offer to host us from the driver for the night after driving us 7 hours! We declined as he had work the next day…

So Czech, big thumbs up or bottoms up (your sunset beer glass) and a cool experience in another unique country crumb from the European cake!

pretty panorama of Prague


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