A Positive Reality?

I just watched Zeitgeist for the first time on a train journey to Bangkok in Thailand. The movie goes through the myths of religion, wars, 911, banks, money, media and more. Most of it is interesting food for thought, not straight out fact as it claims, but it is in the last few minutes that really has my head spinning.

The world around us is not reality, we are our reality and if we choose that reality to be a beautiful, blessed, positive happy world then we can all live in a reality that is fulfilling and worthy.

I don’t really think I am an optimistic and positive person because of the fortunes of my upbringing in a safe happy wealthy family (on a world scale). It is more because I have chosen my positive experiences over the negative ones and dwell in those and not allow too many external influences like perpetual negative media or people’s scepticism to change my reality.

The true meaning to life is to create your own reality that makes you satisfied, happy and full of worth. For me that is to share time, experiences and exchanges with others around the world mixed in with some service, learning, teaching, running and fuel (food) to bolster that reality.

For others who live in diabolical circumstances it is to be happy with the little or nothing they have. One case that comes to mind is the women who was a gang raping slave in Congo and endured 4 years of that role but had hope and positivity to get herself through and now lives with the new positivity around her that is not necessarily better just expanded and less dependant on keeping an ultra positive perspective (reference see Sally Sarah’s book Gogo Mama).

The only preachy bit I can add to this is to do it sustainably within the means of the natural environment we have been gifted.

Everybody is gifted life in an incredibly beautiful world full of amazingly beautiful people – if we believe this (and it is totally the majority who do to some degree) and deal with the negatives in a positive way I’m sure we would be a happier bunch with more fulfilment and worth on this earth. Throw some grace into this mix and we have a powerful positivity that will infect for the better.

So instead of thinking I need to have an experience that will alter this attitude when I have to deal with the realities of the world, take the chance to embrace all the great things at our feet and what feeds our happiness and deal with our hardships with vigour, challenge and for a sense of achievement.

Maybe check out Zeitgeist and see what thoughts swirl around your head… http://vimeo.com/13726978 and http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

Cheers world! Love to you and all the positive opportunities you offer our minds and realities!


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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