Terrific Thailand and the Facts from Folk

My highlights of Thailand

  • Spending (not enough) time with three English teachers 1.5 hours away on the outskirts ofBangkokand seeing their world
  • Camping at a military base on the beach with the only other campers being a group of local Thai’s from Bangkok– the military just run it, so no sneaking out early!
  • Visiting the most ridiculous looking school I have ever seen – see picture
  • Great overnight train journey to the Lao border

And the last three highlights need some more detail. I don’t like to boast (yeah right) but I received this recommendation from Tyler, my couchsurfing host. I really like it and it put words into my mouth that I have been searching for for a while.

                ‘d’Arcy has an inspiring travelling and pioneering spirit. He gave wonderful insight to teaching abroad and the worldly perspective of life. He loves walking and getting to know a culture from its people. I valued his time here and hope to see him again some time in the not too distant future. Happy travels mate!’

The reason I like it is because by this stage of travelling I am also over seeing something else famous or amazing or another must see. Instead it is really all about the people and the interactions with them.

Tyler– great but short catch up with him and his cool housemates and the other two interactions were with an 11 year old boy and a 60 year old educator.

Folk is an insanely bright and confident 11 year old. I visited his parents eating spot late on my first night in Thailand. He came out with confident fluent English that puts my English to shame – not hard I know. From this first meeting he then gave my info about buses, camping, Thai language, history and culture. Each night I went back to dine on his parents lovely Thai noodles and gain the insights and information about the country I was in better than any museum or book could give me. Love learning from 11 year olds – footnote story is we have been emailing weekly and sending various videos of him winning English comps of TV and me hitting the dust jumping off a cliff snowboarding…

Folks and his Folks

The other amazing interaction was with an older man who had been a teacher for 40 years inThailand. I rocked up out of the blue to a school to see if I could interview a teacher or do some teaching. I eventually got put in the office of Mr Kam. Here I asked him a few questions about the Thai education system and we spilled out a 90 minute conversation about education, life and the future of the world! I love getting this information, following my passion of educations and more than anything as an excuse to just walk up to someone and get their life story!

So as I am a bit travel weary, particularly at the moment from a 25 hour bus ride and now four hours later a 28 hour train trip but there is nothing like a good chat to make it all worthwhile.

By the way Thai was a pleasant surprise of great people, places, food and chaos.

The Roads of Reality in Thailand...


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