Human, Humble & Happiness (for all)

Simplicity, Equality & Fulfilment

I blogged on the first Zeitgeist film about A Positive Reality. The second Zeitgeist film Zeitgeist Addendum watched and now reflecting…

Forget trying to source the facts or weigh up their opinions/propaganda for me it is all about the myriad of thoughts that roll around my head and really reach my senses.

My response this time is not in a positive reality but in a belief of humans, nature and the world. What it helped me do is breakdown everything around me and look at them for what they really are not what they are perceived.

I am a human which is one species of many (science not my strong suit) and we live in an environment that requires care and respect for us to be able to share it with every other atom. So yes, I believe in humanism and that we need to be equals and that we should be dictated to by our environment – even if it is temporary, a time in an age or a part of a cycle. I also believe if we value ourselves as much as anything and anyone else we will do whatever we can to provide equality to all on the planet – in particular our brothers and sisters on the horn of Africa currently.

Again watching this film in the context of travel is very interesting. I am currently on a train headed to Beijing after 5 incredible days of life on the road. I attended the wedding of a cousin of a guy I met from couchsurfing. The wedding was in rural China and I was basically adopted by a Chinese family for the past 5 days giving me more insights and joys than is possible in any other way that I know. The best experiences in the past 11 years of basically being a nomad is not in the plethora of places, sceneries, foods (maybe Russian ice cream the exception) but of course it is the people that give me the most pleasure and fulfilment.

With my experiences I have learnt that to me there is no greater thing in life than simplicity, learning, sharing and being. I honestly feel material wealth does not make my life rich in fact most of the time it makes me poorer as it tends to disassociate me from the people and environment around me. The less I have the more dependent and enriched I am by people, community and nature. Mind you this is coming from someone who has the infinite freedom and wealth to continuously travel around the world! However it is from the people who don’t have these freedoms or monetary wealth where I really get this appreciation.

The best things in life are free – a given but I also often feel the best actions are free. Mixed in with all of these thoughts I am applying for a role to educate and advocate for volunteering, it all seems very relevant – whether I get the job or not.

So in this cloudy reflection/response to the Zeitgeist film my overriding thought is that I am sure for the world’s majority top 5 best moments of their life was with people and dependent on little else? I dream someday we harness this fact and make ourselves, families and communities stronger so the simple things in life prevail we can then extend those simple things to those who don’t even have that – family, health, education, love.

We are all from the same star, divineness or flesh and blood no matter what your beliefs or philosophies and it is possible to live with happiness, equality, peace, respect for nature and sustainability and the answer is not with the UN, our governments or technology it is of course within.

I don’t preach for right or wrong here but a perspective about ourselves and the immense satisfaction, happiness and peace it is to be humble, graceful and human.

If I don’t broadcast the privileged perspectives I get from travelling then I am not serving the people who I get them from.


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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