The overall reflection on the past 4 months, 4 continents, 14 countries and 4-tunes…

Nothing better than when at 39,000 feet to reflect on the travel that has been and experienced. Again a ridiculous honour and privilege to undertake something like travelling. An incredibly humbling, fortunate and obscenely lucky thing to do. Once again it is all about learning from new people and places and using those lessons and experiences and putting them into my daily living for now and the future.

I am super fired up for more social justice, global awareness and sharing a yarn or two. I can update on some previously visited countries and have some insights into never before seen places.

One of the beautiful things of travel is not to be able to say ‘I’ve been there’ but more that you can identify with someone from that country or who has been there before and share something you liked or they liked or a similar experience.

For me these privileged travel experiences carry some sort of obligation to the people I met and gave so much to me. It is an obligation I love and over time have found a way to honour in my own way – once upon a time it was on a bike with a low-grade powerpoint, maybe this time transport unknown but combined with a professional presentation from the Global Poverty Project.

More places, more people, more experiences just makes me richer and fuels me with the things I love most in life… and then there are also the shared experiences and spending time with loved ones.

Of the 4 months that have passed a couple of classic moments in that period that had a touch of memory grab about them were:

  • Everyday working with the incredible students of MacquarieUniversityin Quilla Huata community and Peru’s Challenge on the AVI volunteer program inCusco,Peru
  • Glorious days of travel shared with my girlfriend firstly in South America and thenEurope
  • Wachimak Community in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador– small, developing, strong, pure family and community spirited Wachimak website
  • Biking around with Tom, Nele and their two boys – felt like the perfectBerlinsummer experience
  • Walking aroundWorclaw,Poland, spotting miniature statues of trolls making fun of communists by day and wonderful chats with a local couple by night
  • Sundowners in a park inPraguewith karaoke style singing from two large men with beers in hand and sausage in the air
  • Walking and eating inSingaporethrough Little India,MalayVillage,Arab St,Chinatownand more!
  • Getting to knowThailandthrough a 10 year old English genius and his beautiful family running a restaurant
  • ‘Bumping’ into my niece inLaosand some short shared travels and convo’s!
  • The incredibly unique, special and authentic experience at a wedding in rural centralChina
  • Meeting and working with inspiring people inBeijingwith a spot of youth leadership and global citizenship about the place
  • Taiwan– bubble tea, Blue Cat Café where I stayed for a week and getting intoTaiwan’s countryside and culture
  • Singaporethe only place you can truly feel as though you have been in four countries in one day within walking distance of each other (whilst being told to walk nicely and politely!)

Then there are the overall non-specific experiences that add to any travel experience

  • Couchsurfing with a band of amazingly interesting, hospitable and deeply human people
  • Meeting educators, students, people in their work and environment and learning from it all
  • Foods, thoughts, feelings, that are unique and special to any one country and culture

The world is a beautiful place with beautiful people. I thought my positive feelings couldn’t get any stronger towards humanity but they have grown again. I take these experiences with a great amount of privilege, joy, learning and richness.


Experiences count.

At my best when at 4000m


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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