The Blues of Breaking Up – The Yellow Side

Recently I have been really liking the colour yellow – it is bright, energetic, fun and positive. Also recently my girlfriend has fallen out of love for me.

I shared the most amazing partnership I have ever been a part of with Rach for the past year or so (never for more than 5 days in one place we recently worked out) – lucky me. My positive bent on this one is not forced or thought out it is very natural and genuine. I have to say my view of life is not a façade or will one day come crashing down with the reality of the world being a sad and evil place.

My initial reaction was pretty shocked and sad but we talked things over for a long while and then I needed ‘a minute’. I went for a walk that turned into a nice run for only about 5 minutes where my thoughts and feelings could become clearer. As they did indeed become clearer the feeling was how lucky I had been to spend such quality time with this wonderful person and learn and develop so much in the period with them.

I seem to always be waiting for the ‘sad period’ or the ‘rough patch’ that never seems to come but all I can honestly say is that I am so privileged to have spent quality time with someone that has made me wiser, broader and more compassionate in life. I don’t care about what could or should have been, I’m happy to smile at what was.

I’ll see if the reality check comes to be in the near future but for now the breaking up blues seem pretty yellow to me.


Speaking of which anyone got a date for me – preferably someone from Tajikistan or Armenia?

New exciting paths & waterfalls from here


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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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2 Responses to The Blues of Breaking Up – The Yellow Side

  1. Ash says:

    Your positivity is inspiring d’Arcy. Spending lots of love and yellow thoughts to you, looking forward to having you back in the den! Ash

  2. lunny06 says:

    Den I will be in a happy place… but it is nice when all places can be happy places eh! Back to my studies of being a marriage celebrant!

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