The place I always call home…


Open skys & land – beautiful simplicity

People always ask me for the best place or country I’ve been to but I refuse to say as I have been blessed and love every country and culture I have ever interacted with – except Tangier in Morocco which honestly does feel like the armpit of the world…

There is however one very special place in the world that will always be my favourite and that is – my sister’s farm on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia (map). This is where I truly feel at home. From the second I am on my way to the farm and until last second I leave I am in my element and have been from the time I was 7 years old.

Farm Panorama

Here I have a routine of knowing what is around me, what is fun and interesting and most of all a wonderful family with a sister and brother-in-law like they were my young parents and nephews and a niece like they are my brothers and sisters – this true for all of my family but it was a little more significant when I spent every school holiday except one from year 5 to 11.

the once upon a time swing

A few of my favourite things to do on the farm are hitting golf balls, riding motorbikes, shooting slug guns and work on the farm either tending to livestock or crops. I love it and it is so far removed from my ‘normal everyday life’. It really is a lifestyle and I believe it is almost like being in another culture when you go to the countryside when you are urban bound for a long period of time.

If I am in Australia and I don’t get my farm fix, I know it. When I do get my farm fix I connect with where I have come from both in family, friends, community and the environment. I talk about headers and sheep and find my special place and role in that world as I have done for 25 years.

sheep yards

There is no farm like home.

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Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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