The Gift of Giving

Give someone the best Christmas gift that is thoughtful from the heart and priceless!

My Christmas gift list this year to incorporate the true meaning and fun of family, holidays and summer (in the south!). This year like the past few years I will be giving people IOU’s of service for Christmas.

Give these ideas a crack for Christmas gifts and you might like to set up a Kris Kringle of writing something you could give to someone else! Think of your skills, knowledge, passions and pass them onto to someone else.

This Christmas give someone…

  • Tennis lesson and game
  • Dancing lesson and display
  • Bicycle service and ride of choice
  • Free Sunday vegan dinner at Food Not Bombs at Loophole Community Centre
  • A computer service – disk clean-up and other useful apps etc…
  • Swap two items of clothing with someone else
  • A postcard for their birthday during the coming year
  • A post card on the 15th of each month of where you are what you’re doing
  • Ring someone’s parents or someone close to them to tell them why they’re so special!
  • Snack, brunch, food made from scratch for someone
  • Write a blog on how/why you appreciate them and how they contribute positively to life
  • Give someone a New Year resolution (they must also live that resolution as well) – e.g. I will make custard on the 15th of the month
  • Organise 5 photos and send them – email: good, physical: fantastic
  • Write a short rhyming poem for someone
  • Teach a joke in another language (or pick up line)
  • Clean someone’s office space
  • Coffee date
  • Take someone for ice cream
  • 10am friendly text each day for a week, in a week of their choice
  • Do a monolog on video or in person
  • Invite someone to come and stay at night at your place where you will cook and host – possibly breakfast in the morning?
  • Do an hour/day’s work for someone or their family – like gardening, house clean, other
  • Take someone for a walk in your street/local area and have a chat
  • Write a song about/for someone
  • Take someone star gazing until you see a shooting star together
  • Do a commissioned art piece for someone – a medium of their choice
  • Draw a picture, painting, macaroni sculpture, etc for someone on something they love
  • Give someone a massage (if they like massages)
  • A promise to do something honourable or promoting social justice in someone’s honour
    • Life doing Live Below the Line, no alcohol for a week, sugar free day(s), etc…
  • Share the best story you know or the best day of your life
  • Colour in a picture for someone
  • Again any gift, talent, knowledge, service you can give to put a smile on someone’s face!

If you do need to buy something for someone think about…

  • Fairtrade gifts from 3fish, Etiko, Jinta, Cadbury, New Internationalist, John Buttler Trio t-shirts, any other Fairtrade supplier
  • A donation to an organisation that makes a difference in the world so you can share with them their work – think Plan International, Oxfam or do your research to find more grassroots orgs that make you happy and are effective!

Leading up to Christmas enjoy the holiday time and ignore the rampant consumerism and stress that often couples it as no one should ever say they hate Christmas… Imagine if a child sat on Father Christmas’ knee and ask for someone to write a song for them for Christmas…!

Happy Humble Holidays!

Team GPP Kris Kringle

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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