The Occupy YOURSELF Movement

What is the Occupy Movement? If you think it is a bunch of hippies and protesters just doing the same old then you are being dictated to by mainstream media or too lazy to dig deep enough into the movement and available quality information to understand.

Unfortunately the more you learn the more you will be faced with reality and be forced to make change – the crazy thing is whatever changes you make will for the betterment of yourself, your community and globe.

For me the basic message of the Occupy Movement and a decision we have to make is:


We live in absolute affluence, consumption and excess that had a direct impact on others around the world and our environment.

The Occupy Movement is a shift away from the economic and monetary dictatorship we are seduced into and comply with. We do this even though it is often to our detriment in time, stress, quality of life and certainly the environment. I believe the Occupy Movement gives us a chance to look at where we are, what we do and how we can be happier, more satisfied and sustainable without the overwhelming pressure of economics and money…

Keen to hear what others are picking up on with this movement and if you have at least considered what it means to you and the world you live in. Please don’t say the movement has ‘no message’ as this is just a sound-bite from the media that shows a lack of research, learning and thinking into the topic.

To offset my pointing-the-finger style here, a little more than I usually do, I can offer a couple of solutions of what it means to not necessarily support the Occupy Movement but just to be happier and make others around the world happier in a more just and equal global community.

Try these if you want…

  • anything self-sufficient is a step in the right direction, think – gardening, walking, fixing, entertaining, etc… (there is a whole blog alone in this!)
  • more community involvement and governance – my catch cries here are ‘active citizenship’ ‘community participation’ ‘local leadership’ ‘collective decisions’ etc…
  • simple happiness – being satisfied with the best simple things in life which are usually family, friends, places, people and nature
  • if you contribute to companies or messages that put profit ahead of people then lessen and ultimately separate yourself from them, think – banks, advertising, mainstream media, etc.
  • join or support community initiatives and cooperatives – libraries, food programs, education, businesses etc.
  • eat humbly and happily – food from scratch requiring the least amount of resources and process to get to your mouth are usually the healthiest and should give the greatest satisfaction
  • service and volunteering is a beautiful thing in life it generally improves quality of life for both the recipient and provider
  • our own time is important and great but balance it with interacting with others – including strangers, different and new parts of society, mixing young and old, cultures, etc.
  • look for new opportunities to share – anything and everything
  • try reduce, reuse and repair as often as possible
  • cook and clean – take enjoyment, purpose and pride in these tasks, they are meaningful and important and can be sociable fun opportunities with people or nature depending on how you do it!
  • we need to have way more fun… think about this a little and identify some pursuits – in most people I know it is a simple activity, service, learning or interaction that has little impact or cost

These are just the first things that come to mind but there are a huge number or ideas and resources out there to take it further and think deeper about these.

This what the Occupy Movement has done for me – to thirst for more information, perspective, learning, action and abundant joy.

Education - a lot to learn from everyone!

Interaction - commerce as it should be

House and transport - total satisfaction

Simple pleasures of man and mountain (or could be woman and wilderness)

Eating and sharing - beautiful not matter what's on the menu

Family and/or friends - the best in our lives is each other

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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10 Responses to The Occupy YOURSELF Movement

  1. Ash says:

    Wise words as always, d’Arcy. Or should I say, Kahuna?

    • lunny06 says:

      Kahuna title seems to have been taken away from me thanks to the Health Department in the State of Hawaii. See what they have on offer for me to wed you both…

      The blog is all a bit propaganda-ish and there should always be time for a beer and chocolate cake!

  2. Thanks d’Arcy for sharing.
    ps am a little worried that there’s a whole clan of Lunns out there. You could power a small town off that much energy.

  3. Will says:

    Love your work mate!!

  4. Holger says:

    Thanks, d’Arcy. The final impulse I needed to finally order that locally produced veggie box……

  5. Nice post, thanks d’Arcy. Those photos say it all for me 🙂

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