Des Says Thank you to You

If you donate this is where your donations go…

This is a message not about me but for anyone and everyone who contributes to foreign aid for giving the people in extreme poverty the smallest opportunity to live without fear of tomorrow for themselves, their family, their community or their country.

An email I received yesterday:

Hi d’Arcy,

I am feeling alright these days; all the pains have gone, I can breathe normally, I can walk, I can work … thanks to you brother! I am always able to wake up to the rising sun, I am always able to see my son smiling at me because of you …  you reconstructed  my life, added joy to it, and made it enjoyable for my family.

Once again thank you for going out of your way to reach for me when I am in need.

Huge love,


I am in a position of privelidge that I can directly contribute to the quality of life to another from my experiences but this is one example of all the people and organisations who facilitate access and opportunities to the worlds bravest but most needy.

If you have ever given to Plan, WaterAid, Malaria No More, Opportunity International or other similar effective organisations then Des’ message is to you just on a larger but just as effective scale.

Don’t worry about orgs admin costs or advertising because without it you would never reach anyone! Also take pride when you government commits $2 million to education programs inIndonesiaor $50 million to polio eradication, it is done in your name to give the same effects as I have been able to do for Des.

The background to this message is that I have not given a cent to Des to date. Des was a work colleague of mine inEthiopiaand a year ago he contracted a heart condition and was within days of dying. In what he thought were his final remaining days he managed to send a message to myself and follow volunteer through facebook. I then organised a few people who knew Des to contribute information, examination and money to see a fast and affordable recovery for him. The results speak straight from the heart and email!

My role was no different to the many effective aid agencies except that it wasn’t my sole job that I dedicated myself to. While I was able to offer a few hours of my time do this not everyone can offer their professional skills and time and not get paid and survive – no matter how compassionate their heart is.

I think one of the main messages from Des’ email for me is YOU make a huge difference when you give to effective aid agencies which support people like Des in the thousands on a daily basis.

Don’t be afraid to give. Give, and give hard and take Des’ message with you as that’s what the worlds most disadvantaged would be saying to you if they had access to international communication like Des is fortunate to have.

It is such a beautiful world for all of us to share with our brothers like Des and many others.


Learn... Give... and we all Receive!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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