Excessive Minimalism …

My last little post before some 2012 resolutions next week, but if you are feeling guilty for not getting everyone everything this Christmas then this might help…

Trying to have less is usually harder than wanting more – why?

If you don’t sign up to the strange idea of consumerism and happiness through materialism then you are somehow on the fringe of mainstream society.

It sometimes disturbs me the non-acceptance from others who frown upon some of my life choices when it is not to the detriment of them or society in general and my choices and actions keep me happy and healthy.

I often worry about offending people on occasions because I am happier to walk or ride, not always eat meat, live in the simplest form of accommodation possible, eat the leftovers of others and try to tread as lightly as possible on this planet happy in my own ethos and decisions. It’s not like I sit there on judgement on others who choose to have houses, drive cars and spend $100 on a tie – it’s not my bag but I’m happy for people to be happy the way they choose.

The pursuit for me is to not to piss others off and make them feel guilty it is for me to find the purest and happiest form of life I can and for me this usually means be as minimalistic as possible. While I shouldn’t worry what other people think, as I have no control over such a thing, it does sometimes worry me that people think I am judging them with my own choices, decisions and actions (and admittedly the occasional far-left-wing propaganda spray!).

My happiness is not my state of mind it is my state of living that works for me – so please don’t feel judged, threatened or nervous by my actions as they are for me and what works for me…

Minimalism is a beautiful thing for me and at Christmas all I can think of is spending time with family and friends, everything else is irrelevant and probably a distraction to enjoying people and time?

I have a number of beautiful examples and resources on this sort of thing but I think we are bit sick of info at this time of year so just have a bloody happy Christmas with others and nothing else matters!

My home for 8 months in Melb - Simply Happy

More than everything I could have wanted...

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