Resolutions with an edge of fun (and stupidity)


Hi folks!


The resolutions for 2012…


  • See a cloud in the shape of a monkey
  • Never eat more than two serves of sugar in one day (fruit excluded) and sugar-free Mondays of course! Yes does mean I can eat a chocolate bar and ice-cream a day but harder than you think as it doesn’t allow for any spontaneous sugar grabs…
  • Learn all the countries starting with D and E
  • Do 100 consecutive skips without stuff up or break – better find me some rope!
  • Make custard on the 15th of each month
  • Watch the sunrise on the 29th of each month – now four years doing this and loving it
  • Select my favourite vegetable and fruit for the year at the end of the year
  • Must find and meet someone fromArmeniaor go there!
  • Appreciate the colour yellow when possible and find a yellow travel mascot
  • Look through the eyes of simplicity, happiness and fulfilment and live with so much integrity, grace and conviction to new levels in 2012…


The results of my resolutions from 2011…


watching the sunrise on the 29th of the month – love it! WIN
make popcorn on the 15th of the month to replace jelly from 2010 FAIL – didn’t get urge of popcorn
write a blog every Thursday as I started back in November WIN and FAIL depending on which week you read!
average over 15 push-ups per day – not always easy when travelling WIN – not 15/day but many or nil
live on less than $2 a day (for food) for the month of May to coincide with the Global Poverty Project’s Live Below the Line WIN – awesome and big things planned for 2012 in Nth America
have a dinner of stout and soup on the first day forecast under 20 FAIL – shop ran out of soup
go for a swim on the first day forecast over 20 for the year FAIL – wasn’t inAustralia
have an ice-cream on the first day forecast over 30 for the year WIN – ice cream everyday!
make a concerted effort to start drinking hot drinks such as tea, etc… WIN’ish – getting there
try and meet someone fromArmenia FAIL – 2012 have to go there!
live with the weather and not against it and encourage others to WIN – best weather ever!
Fortnightly on Tuesday watch a movie or doco and sit for at least 60 mins FAIL – still can’t do it
learn all the countries that start with C (???) like I did with A (11) WIN – but controversial…
aim to do a 50km run this year FAIL – some good ones though
miss my girlfriend for 6 mths then relish living with her for the final 6 mths! WIN and FAIL…


My year has been a rich experience-filled time with people, places and pristine natures (which it always is if we allow it to be).


I was allowed to continue to live my dreams each and every day as I have done for the past 11 years.


It was a rewarding and busy 6 months managing the Global Poverty Project Youth and School program and then 6 months of travel, volunteering, educating and learning in a whirlwind round the world trip.




  • Living with as much simplicity, modesty and fulfilment and no place like it living under my friends’ apartment best know as ‘The Den’ or to others – the dungeon, garage, cement bunker
  • A showcase of the specific and remodelled GPP 1.4 Billion Reasons for Youth presentation atFederation Square. A pleasure to help create and a privilege to deliver
  • Doing Live Below the Line for a month in May was a beautiful experience for reflection, insight and empowerment while giving education, inspiration and perspective to others – keep an eye out for May 2012!
  • One of the most rewarding and quality experiences I have ever been a part of, leading 17 young adults in a volunteer program in rural Peru with Peru’s Challenge
  • A chance to revisit a volunteer program I helped establish 6 years ago in the Wachimak Community in  the Amazonian jungle of Ecuador – still hosting volunteers with lots of learning and cultural exchanges
  • Favourite vegetable for the year was the mushroom
  • A gorgeous year of experiences with Rachel, mostly from afar, with some travels together. Unfortunate footnote is we are going separate ways but enjoyed what was!
  • Continue on with my blog that documented stories such as sperm sample in a bowling alley, attending remote rural Chinese weddings and various propaganda on simplicity!


I am currently living out a childhood dream of mixing cricket and social justice as I am helping manage former Indian cricketing legend Chandrasekhar. Together we will be raising awareness and advocacy for the eradication of polio –


2012 is set to be a very fulfilling nomadic one. For now all I know is:


  • Feb 2 – Aotearoa New Zealand for 6 weeks
  • March 22 – one-way ticket to Hawaii for my friends’ wedding where I will be the celebrant!
  • From there…? (but a few ambitions include):
  • April/May – North America cycling trip from Portland to Vancouver, Calgary, Chicago and New York maybe promoting Live Below the Line
  • June-Aug – Possible time in the UK and Europe with GPP
  • Aug and beyond – high on the travel/volunteering/learning agenda is Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and India.


As always I love what I get to do, the world and life, as it is absolutely sensational – love it as much as possible and all the awesome people we share it with…


Happy Christmas and Merry New Year, hope to see you about the sphere!!!

Couldn't be happier and will continue to be!

About Living Geo d'Arcy

Experiences are the richest thing in life. Love them and live them.
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1 Response to Resolutions with an edge of fun (and stupidity)

  1. hey d’arcy, got your email and checked out your blog, I started a wordpress blog in nov, compelled by a good friend of mine. All the best in 2012, sounds like you’ve had an interesting ’11, who knows we may catch up in aus some time.

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